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Have you ever had a text that you sent totally taken the wrong way?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (15007points) December 16th, 2016

like really offended someone?
Got someone really mad and you never meant to do that?
Can you be honest and say you have or haven’t done that or had it happened to you?
I promise no rants.

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I have had texts misinterpreted and resulted in hurt feelings or anger, but I’ve been able to straighten the situation out immediately. In those cases, it was rather like a misunderstood conversation. I have been fortunate that they were fixable.

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Yes, happened to me, since sometimes my sarcasm or nuanced humor doesn’t translate well.

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I have had posts and PM’s that the other person completely missed the intent and got all bent. Got mad first did not make any effort to ask if that was what I meant. I have the reverse happen where at first read would indeed be something to be upset about, except I would first reply am I understanding this comment correctly?

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It seems likely that this has happened to everyone. Emails and text messages lack intonation and visual cues.

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Yeah, was to our chef at the time, I mean all I put was you’re fired & he goes & gets all squirly about it…some people are such special little snowflakes.

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I have been taken the wrong way via text, and been gotten mad at, sure.

I’ve also not responded within 20 minutes because I was eating dinner with my mom away from my phone, and get a follow-up text from girlfriend: “This is why I can’t trust you.” ...

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Of course.

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My emails and texts are usually pretty clear and concise. I do have one friend that will often misunderstand what I said, but it seems to be consistent with just her.

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Not often and not recently. I find people of my generation are very good at both communicating and understanding communications in text. We’re used to communicating this way so in many cases we know how to avoid misunderstandings in the first place.

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Yes, but nothing that couldn’t be smoothed out in real time. Emails are what have caused me the most problems.

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Just happened to me. It almost doesn’t count, because my SIL likes to think I’m a horrible person.

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