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Suppose that President Obama, after he leaves office, becomes a passionate speaker for progressive causes. Would Trump try to have Obama arrested and jailed?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28833points) December 17th, 2016

Since arresting the opposition is so popular with Trump’s buddy Putin.

To what degree will dissent and disagreement be tolerated in Trumpocracy?

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Fortunately, unlike Russia, we are still a democratic nation and, although Trump presents a major threat, there are limits to what he can do. In the case you give, I would expect one of his juvenile Twitter postings.

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Trump is a tool. Just ask Vanity Fair. His actions are so simply predictable that Vanity Fair was able to use him as a publicity stunt this week. He will talk about putting Obama in jail, just like he did Hilary. He will use lots of hate speech and mobilise his brainless hordes into their mindless and violent actions and keep the other brainless apathetics distracted so they don’t complain and continue to give ‘the benefit of the doubt’.

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He’ll tweet his little orange ass off.

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As LostinParadise opines we are still a democracy…and as of now, and for the foreseeable future, the First Amendment is functioning. Likewise, it is hard to imagine Barry NOT becoming part of a Loyal Opposition and moving into some sort of advocacy for progressive causes…since I believe that train done left the station.

There is a very exclusive club…The Former Presidents’ Club…that meets regularly with the POTUS. The members? Jimmy Carter, Bush 1 and 2, Bill Clinton, Barry Obama (soon to join). Not widely discussed, this group meets with incumbent on more than an occasional basis, from what I can find in my research. Got to believe that PEOTUS Trump would NOT jail one of this particular group of advisors…or just throw the 1st Amendment out of the window.

One other point…and this is part of my current research…there seems to be a stiffening of opposition to some of PEOTUS Trump’s plans in both House and Senate GOP sides of the aisle. Not revolt, but serious questions about some of his positions and some of his selections for Cabinet Secretaries.

We could be in for a wild ride…

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Trump has already put up with more than any president elect in recent history. Even Obama did not receive so much hate. Every step he takes is cast in a negative light. Some of it is deserved but a good bit is not. I don’t have high hopes for his presidency and I’m sure he’ll do some controversial things but damn people, I thought the whining was bad eight years ago. This shit is off the charts.

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To be fair; Drumpf has shown himself to be the worst president you ever had, putting even W. to shame, and he is not even in office yet.

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Maybe, we’ll see. People here regardless of gender, race or economic status are pretty fed up for one reason or another. We will not be taking any shit from this man but there is no need to get the pitchforks out before he is even in office.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Are you kidding me? Have you seen his cabinet picks? Have you been following his ‘Thank you Tour’ and his tweets?

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@cazzie the only thing that surprises me is that so many people did not think that this was going to be business as usual. He is not a political outsider nor is he the next Hitler. Some of his cabinet picks seem dubious, especially Bannon but not so surprising. These are people a republican would choose with a few exceptions.

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I highly doubt Kasich would be making these picks.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me – are you forgetting Trump’s threats to jail Hillary?

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No, if you remember he instantly backpedaled on that the night he was elected. Like much of his over the top banter, it was said simply to get the job.

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@cazzie His would probably be different yes. Kasich was my pick of the litter for the record.

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I dont think anything wold suprise me at this point.Just sit back and enjoy the ride its kinda like riding a roller coaster it makes you excited and scared at the same time.

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@blackbeard meanwhile, in the country of current residency, a record amount of US marines are taking over a newly erected barracks just down the road from me. No… No sitting back….. I hate guns, but I’m seriously considering getting a hunting license so I can buy a rifle.

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I just want things to make sense again seems like the world getting more out of control by the minute.

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Yeah, hello kettle, call what you will black, because it all will be painted black soon enough.

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The orange crested Trump tweets no less sweetly from a cage but after four years I would release it.

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I doubt it.

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Trump will be president. Not king, not God, not Almighty Ruler Supreme Master Over Any and All for Any and All Reasons. Besides,, he’s gonna have his hands mighty full with international issues near and far.

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