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What is the action you are anticipating regarding hacking by Russia?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) December 17th, 2016

What are the possible options President Obama has?

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I am trying very hard to let go of any hope I still have that Trump will somehow not be sworn in, either via this Russia scandal or faithless electors. It is all very unlikely and is only slowing down my coping process. I do not truly believe anything is going to come of this.

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It’s naive to think this sort of thing is not happening regularly. The US certainly has tried to influence elections. Even if it was not a success the propaganda of it is quite powerful too. Yeah, nothing is going to happen here. We don’t take cyber security seriously enough.

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Noise making.

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There isn’t much that can be done other than beefing up cyber security to stop it happening again. The damage has been done.

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Loose lips sink ships.

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further curtailment of individual freedoms while granting the corporate personhood free rein to run roughshod over the people and the environment.

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I expect nothing less than a Kristallnacht in the streets of Russia and from there who knows….ten years later some whistle blower will provide proof there was no Russian hackers and politicians from the past decade will have egg on their face and shrug “oh Well”. And by that time, Trump and his cronies will have reaped billions off the backs of US taxpayers and Syrian civilians.

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Essentially, nothing.

Everybody is hacking. Especially the US.

The more evidence you provide about what you know about foreign hacking, the more you reveal how you got the evidence. And the more you may also reveal about how much hacking the US does, not only into Russian computers, but all of our supposed friends as well.

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