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How many guests at a wedding qualifies it as a small wedding? A big wedding?

Asked by girlofscience (7537points) August 6th, 2008

I am interested in your opinions on the number of guests that would be considered a “small” wedding, a “medium”-sized wedding, and a “big” wedding.

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greater than 200 guests = big wedding. lesser than 200 = small.

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@PnL: Really? You’d consider 150 guests a “small” wedding?

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I would say that a small wedding would be no more than 50 or so people, a medium wedding around 100–150 [give or take a little], and any more than 150 guests would be a big wedding.

However, in my opinion, the size of the wedding really depends on the type of people who are there. If you have 100 close friends and you invite them all to your wedding, and your relatives as well, then that would be a small wedding because you would only have your close friends and family. Then say you have only twenty close friends, and you invite them and all of your relatives, and then also invite co-workers, some of your not-quite-so-close friends, and maybe your neighbors, that would be a medium wedding, even though it might have less people at the wedding than the previously mentioned small wedding, because you have all of the closest friends and relatives that are on the general small guest list, but then you have invited some not-so-neccessary people to your wedding as well. The same type of thing applies for a large wedding.

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I second @flyawayxxballoon. It has a lot to do with the relations of the attendees.

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@flyaway and pete: I understand what you’re saying about the relations of the attendees, but I really do not think that is what most people go by when judging the size of a wedding. Most of the guests won’t know how all of the other guests are related to the bride and groom, and yet they can still evaluate whether the wedding is big of small, based on the number of people in attendance.

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I would base the size on price. The more expensive usually means bigger.

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Ok. I’m going to a wedding on Sunday. There will be about 120 people. I think that’s a big wedding. Not gigantic, but big.

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In this case, I would say that a small wedding would be no more than 50 or so people, a medium wedding around 75–120 [give or take a little], and any more than 150 guests would be a big wedding.
[I altered my original answer a bit…]

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We had a small wedding at my home. 60 invitations and 50 in the flesh, including young Ben in a leg cast.

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@girlofscience, i should have broke that down into small, medium large. i agree with flyaway’s idea of calling it medium. i did not read the question details till after answering, and then i was in a hurry to leave sorry . But Indians in general, have ridiculously big weddings so my concept of small and large is probably a little twisted regardless.

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Small = 50
Medium = 75–100
Large = 100–200

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small wedding = very close family & very very close friends
big wedding = everybody you know

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in my mind not more than 30 people can be looked as a small wedding , more than this can be consider as big wedding

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