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[probably NSFW]For Ladies..Have you / anyone you know have undergone curetting procedure?

Asked by imrainmaker (5794points) December 18th, 2016

One of close relatives will be required to do it. Do you have any idea how much time it takes to recover after it?Are there any complications involved?

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I had a D&C about 35 years ago, as I recall it was unpleasant but not awful, and recovery was a few days of lessening cramps and spotting. It was for an odd tissue build up, not an abortion, so there was no hormonal weirdness to deal with.
And it was a looooong time ago, procedures are probably much more refined and drugs are better. :-)

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^^ Thanks for the info..Yeah should be better nowadays..)

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I had the procedure some years ago, following a second-trimester miscarriage. There was some discomfort, but the experience really wasn’t all that bad.

I remember feeling much better after the D&C. My body hadn’t expelled all the uterine tissue during the miscarriage, so I kept having labor-like contractions and discharge. The D&C took care of that. I was back to 100% after about a day, and there were no complications.

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