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Did Jesus exist?

Asked by WakeUp (421points) August 6th, 2008

Historical evidence of Jesus Christ outside of the bible is heavily debated. Do you think Jesus Christ actually existed.

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I believe he existed, but he didn’t have all those magical powers.

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Yea I agree with Eambos, who knows there may have been some plant back then that no one cared enough to document that was a hardcore hallucinogen which they smoked daily.

EDIT: I’m not implying there was.

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No way to know for sure. My gut says probably, but more like Thomas Jefferson’s version of his story.

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History shows that Jesus probably did exist, however, not in the way that he is often portrayed. He was basically a regular man who did good things. He had no “magical powers,” as Eambos put it.

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He does exist. He is gods son. And the things written about him and what he did are true.

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Jesus was an actual historical figure. There are too many historical references to Jesus for him to have been an invention.

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Jesus did exist. The real debate is the extent of he power. While I am mostly atheist, I do believe the hope he was able to give people over thousands of years is the greatest example of power ever known to man.

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Jesus absolutely existed. He was an incredible person, and bettered the lives of many.
Was he divine? I don’t think so. Was he a very influential person in the early history of the Common Era? Absolutely.

Also, see this link for an interesting take on the matter.

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The Shroud of Turin says yes. ;)

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Jesus does exist and does as i write this. He was in the past and exists in the future. He is here right now in the present. when things seem weird or unexplainable and man cannot fathom why, He is also there. when you look in the sky and see clouds or picnic under a tree, ponder where either comes from. if you are unable to make clouds or produce a tree without a seed or fruit, realize that it all had to start somewhere. when you ask the question, “but how?” the answer is way beyond your own thoughts or thinking processes. why? because God put it there in the first place. when we begin to realize that God is the beginning and the end, we understand we are not as smart as we think we are.

yes, Jesus does exist. couldn’t live without Him.

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Picnics come from the grocery store, don’t they?

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First you were wondering what color his skin was and now you want to know if he existed?!! Did the earlier question not rule everybody up enough for your taste?

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I didn’t know Jesus was a Buddhist.

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I heard he was a Wiccan, myself…

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He was Jewish….

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@lefteh Yeah. I know that. I was referring to charlie’s post.

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I think he was zeus’ Mexican son.

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—I know you know, you’re too smart to not know.
My post was a failed attempt at humor by feigned ignorance of earlier humor.—

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@lefteh Ok. Then my post was a failed attempt at humor by feigned ignorance of your humor, regarding feigned ignorance of earlier humor…huh?

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So much sarcasm! I’m in heaven!

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I saw this bumper sticker yesterday “Jesus Saves by using coupons”

I believe in Jesus. Yes. But I also believe that Jesus saves by using coupons and spending on double-coupon days. Kum-Ba-Yah, ya’ll.

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I believe that he was probably a real person, and was likely a truly great humanist in a dark time. But was he the product of the holy spirit impregnating a virgin, who gave birth to a man-god who got killed, came back to life, and ascended in to the sky? I doubt it.

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I ache for this country.

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If you ache for it because we’re secular? I ache for you because you’re religious, little fishie.

(And we’re not talking any kind of good aching.)

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not because you’re secular, because you’re sheep.

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I thought the followers of Jesus were sheep? You know, him being the shepherd and all.

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I believe the kingdom of God is a party. We can sit here and wait for it. Or we can live that party now. Look beyond “the sheep” (as you say). You won’t convert in Fluther. Where is the real relationship in any social network?

People get too riled up and hurt in here. Have your beliefs. Challenge yourself and others. But stop with the drama and trying to solve everything on a website. Jesus Christ! Yep, I exclaimed it!

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It only hurts me when people hit the Brick Wall of Ignorance. You know it the one. When you’re having a rational discussion and then they hear something that goes against their core, irrational belief, and then they stop cold. Example:

“Well, therefore, sin is irrelevant!”
“No, its… No.”
“What do you mean? I just explained tha-”
“But I-”
“Uh uh. You’re wrong, that’s it.”
“But how is that wrong, you just said that-”
“Nope. End of discussion.”

Hey, is there a name for that yet?

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Holler, that’s quite funny, actually. You take open mindedness as a reaosn to ache for hte country?
I think its one of the best things about this country. The ability to live around all these people with all these incredibly unique thoughts. You’ve already shown yourself to be very sheltered and hateful in questions previously. Maybe you shouldn’t feel bad for the rest of us, but should open your eyes and see the beauty of sharing a great country with so many incredible systems of belief and cultures and… well… humanity.

Just because we’re around so many other people isn’t an excuse to hate everyone but yourself.

Howabouts you take the wool out of your eyes and look around at how beautiful this diversity can truly be?

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wool, very nice

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i am very religious and will stick up for beliefs. And if someone dosent believe in Christ and his divinity thats fine. This country does have freedoms and i will defend those freedoms. Pick whatever side you want. In the end its your choice. Tension builds over this topic. No one is going to change anothers beliefs here because of a debate.

Religious people believe what they choose
Athiest people believe what they choose

And some people just dont know what side they choose.

Yay lets all be friends!

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“sheltered and hateful” that’s downright amusing. Ok, you’re right. Your lofty open mindedness, to the extent of not being willing to stand on any belief for fear someone might ridicule you makes you more enlightened, smarter, and better looking than me. I bet your peanut butter is peanuttier than mine and your car smells newer too. I bow to your superior tolerance ( except toward Christians).

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btw…“wool” WAS a good one!

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She is tolerant toward Christians.
Just not Christians who state that her beliefs are so misled that they warrant “aching.”

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don’t think I said that…I referred to the entire country. Seems kinds megalomaniacal to take that personally.

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is it so horrible to believe something strongly enough to defend it?

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I do stand for one belief: Humanism. The only thing i’m against is fundamentalism (and when religion impedes on my right to secular government, schools, and uterus…es.)

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yapp he exist, but i dont think that he really had this “magic power” i think he only knew more than other people…and was really intelligent…

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I don’t believe He existed. I believe He exists. He is the Son of God. He died for my sins. He arose from the dead and ascended into heaven. I am an unashamed Christian woman. I don’t care what you think or believe. We are all free to make choices for ourselves. I don’t think less of you. I respect your freedom of choice. Please do respect mine.

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Jesus Christ does exist he’s all that has been said about him in the Holy Bible.
There’s no other need beside God’s own Word to reveal that, who is the created to ask the creator why you made me understand or not? perhaps the creator made those for his purpose and others for others just like a potter makes all different pots of clay for all purposes.

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uteri? :-)

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Yes he did and he still does today.

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so on a side note I think delirium got a lot of her lurve from god discussions lol.

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That’s because she’s very good at articulating the beliefs and feelings that many of us share.

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This is a two question answer. The first: not only did he exist, there are still records of his identity theft. He was a middle eastern dude with dreads who most likely just disliked the Jewish overtly enough to be persecuted for it. (The second answer:)Yet today you see him as a white dude with a hippie like beard?

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Yep – actual photos Phil. Real photos of the real Jesus.

Identity theft? orly?

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Well I never mentioned photes jadkins, I said you see him depicted in this way. Go to any church and you will see the depiction I am referring to. If we had real photos we could all see what he actually looked like and there would be no need to debate this topic. All we have to go on is geography and a little common sense, look at the complection of someone from where Jesus was said to have lived aka the middle east.

The Romans amongst others who were responsible for the reputation the catholic church still has to this day knew what he looked like. However, they didn’t want us to know that the savior looked more like Osama than Willie Nelson. They thought it would suit their needs better if he looked like the pope or their target european audience. Thus, they stole his identity and philosophies and depicted them in a way that suited their needs. AKA Identity theft. I will be the first to tell you that his philosophy was just as pertinet then as it is now. But he was just a philosopher as others have suggested above, and its just too bad they took his identity and “religion” and manipulated it soley to increase their heavenly bank accounts. Jesus preaced that we should be one with ‘god’, not that we should sell the notion we need a middle man between ourselves and spirituality. That only the church can free us from out sins if we put a few dollars in the old collection basket. You see the chuch chose middle man and couldnt have a muslim looking guy as their posterboy, it was an economic decision simple as that.

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Personally, I have a problem with people lumping “the church” as one group or “Christians” as all people of faith. This is an argument that is a big no-no for races, other religions, sexual orientation, and gender. It’s not okay to make generalizations about these groups but it is for Christians to be lumped together? When you all list your issues with church or christians, the criticisms themselves are almost mirrors of what you are doing when your criticise us. Psychologists call it projection. You are projecting your own biases and fears on a group because of an experience you had with one piece of a universal puzzle.

The thing about faith is that it isn’t based on church. Mine isn’t. And your perception of “any church” is based on only churches you have been to. I personally float around to churches. I like to go to churches that challenge me and my faith. I can’t say I am baptist, catholic, or really any “religion” except Christian. I simply follow Christ.

And to me, He isn’t a white man who looks like Willie Nelson. I see a lion. I see a lamb. I see a cross. I see blood. I see joy. I see peace. I see an empty tomb.

And when I give to the church, I give money some times. I also give time. I give service. I volunteer. I clean trash. I sweep floors. I hang banners. I paint hallways. I clean gutters. I teach the youth and the adults.

That’s church to me.

I see churches that hate. I see churches that cause pain. I have worked in churches that have hurt.

I don’t follow churches though. I go to where the work is and where I can provide help (Lord willing).

What I find most interesting in religious debate is how people view “the church” as so biased and pigeon-holed; but by doing so they are being biased and they are pidgeon-holing. Your experience with a particular church or worship is what biases your view of ALL churches.

And I admit that I am guilty of biases in my own way. We all are.

Thus, the reason for church and for Christ for me. It may not be for you. And that is okay. But don’t tell me that it can’t be for me because A CHURCH has said it isn’t okay.

Only that church or that religion believes that. And maybe a large group of those churches believe that. But then, have you noticed that there are many churches in most towns? Different buildings of different people with different beliefs.

As for me? I believe you can believe whatever you want. Just be a good person. Treat people nice. Pick up after yourself and the world will bless you for it.

Have a good weekend everyone!

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I believe Jesus excited and what the Bible says about him is all true.

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Now that just sounds downright naughty!

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@delirium – ha ha LOL. Now that is funny! It kind of sounds like a new show: Jesus Excited!

Has anyone else seen the trailers for Hamlet2? That looks hilarious especially the musical act of “Sexy Jesus”. I am christian and all but that looks like real fun!

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