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Can a 2 year relationship be affected at some point if I never initiate text with my partner?

Asked by cecilia09 (205points) December 19th, 2016

YESS! I know it sounds horrible, it’s a habit I have created and felt bad that I can’t correct it, but my boyfriend always initiates the text when he wants to see me at least once a week (Yeah I know what?? once a week is too little, but due to his studying schedule it was the only way) Can the fact That I never text my boyfriend be running down south in the relationship? And why would he not dump me and still be with me if I act this way?

I am a good girlfriend, don’t get me wrong, but it is just a bad habit that I have.

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There is no law that says you have to text anyone but, if he has mentioned that he feels he is always the initiator of your get togethers then yes, this could lead to resentment.
relationships are about give and take and if he is always the one making the effort to see you and the plans for what you will be doing then I’d say if you value the relationship quit making excuses and take charge of surprising him more often.

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Hopefully you guys can communicate well enough to know whether this is bothering him before he decides to simply dump you over it.

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@Coloma The other days I was telling him you don’t text me other than to see me once a week, and he was like you don’t text me or call me either, almost never. The ting is that my boyfriend is less expressive unless I say something and then he opens up.

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@cecilia09 Sounds like you both are really just not that into each other any more. When two people are both enthusiastic about their relationship there is none of this ” well you don’t call/text me either” crap going on. That’s a red flag. For one it s childish and for two, if you BOTH value your relationship staying in touch and communicating daily should come naturally.
Maybe time to unsaddle this dead horse. haha

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Communication..I always wonder why u hesitate to communicate directly. It makes guys life difficult..)

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Isn’t this the guy who is graduating university and leaving you behind? It seems to be ending, why micro-examine everything?

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If you feel you don’t text your boyfriend enough the solution is surely in your hands, literally!

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Probably get soundly trounced for this but maybe you are just good in bed. Or maybe you are always up for it. Or maybe he has six other someones and can only give you one day a week.
Questions are why do you tolerate it? Are you good with it? Is it all you can ask for and more? Oh yeah, and what exactly is a good girlfriend?

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Set your phone alarm to remind yourself to text/call him.

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The phone alarm thing is a good idea but if you have to set an alarm to call or text someone who you should feel inspired to call or text, on your own, out of affection, fondness and desire for him, it’s time to hang it up.

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@jca You just took the words right out of my mouth. Yep, like I said, this relational horse is dead.

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Your ego is getting in your way. And its perfectly normal, you can get rid of it, or let it play you. Everyone thinks like that, even I, who had a great friend, lost him this way. None of us would initiate a conversation which resulted us in forgetting each other, Both of us did’t care. We let our emotions plays us. Those who conquers them stands out. Initiate the conversation and cut your ego out.


You don’t love him.


you are a psychopath or sociopath, who doesn’t understand feelings.

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