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What is being a life skills coach like?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (9791points) December 19th, 2016

In Alberta you don’t need a license. Is it a good short cut entry level start to becoming a psychologist

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Have already read what’s on here?
I don’t know of the site.

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No, it is not a good short cut to becoming a psychologist. There are no short cuts. You need the proper schooling.

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One things life skills coach will teach another: there ARE NO SHORTCUTS!

And, getting certified as life skills coach is not just a walk in the park. You need to demonstrate by example.

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You keep asking variations of the same question. You want a low risk job that makes lots of money and requires no training. There are no such jobs.

You also have the disadvantages of not having a college degree (and keep failing you high school equivalency tests), no work history, can’t drive and don’t own a car. This is in addition to having an undiagnosable psychiatric disorder. I can’t judge how much of an obstacle this is, thought the Canadian government thinks it is serious enough to provide a living wage, and you have spoken here of having anxiety attacks when you leave your apartment.

You need to seriously come up with a step by step plan to achieve some realistic goals. Are you up for it?

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To be a life skills coach you need to have proven that you have what it takes to….be a life skills coach. This means having well… life skills.

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I would suggest finding a successful life skills coach and then let them coach you first. This will help you identify where you are at while giving you indirect training on doing that person’s job.

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