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So, if Russia hacked the DNC,what effect could it have had?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (9844points) December 19th, 2016

What could they have accomplished, other than gathering information?

Could the hack have had a direct effect on the election?

There’s so much “information ” being spread by the media right now. But I don’t know who to trust,if anyone, in regards to the reality of the severity of the hacking.

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All I’ve heard publicized so far is that Russia influenced the election by releasing information in a slanted way (that is, they had damning info on both candidates but only decided to smear Hillary) such that people were convinced to vote for Trump themselves. No word yet of Russia actually fucking with recorded votes or anything of that nature. I wouldn’t be surprised though if there is evidence of that which hasn’t been released while the powers that be figure out how tf they’re going to handle all this.

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It is one big circle jerk of the CIA and Dems saying the Russians did it. Russians say show me the beef…where’s the proof?? Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks is adamant the emails they posted were hand delivered by a rogue DNC staffer who had legal access to the servers in a show of protest over the mistreatment of Bernie by the DNC. The one thing missing is proof…we will never see proof because the CIA and the FBI won’t give proof as it would reveal their methods and sources of obtaining this proof. IMHO just another con job by the Clintons and DNC to cast a veil of doubt over the election results.

What do we know today? Voter recount in Wis netted Trump more votes and Hillary less. Electoral College results showed more faithless electors bailed on Hillary than Trump. Time for the DNC to pack up the tents…the circus is over.

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@Cruiser _What do we know today? _ Well, we know that the so called recount in Wisconsin was a farce. The hacking was in the machines but instead of a manual recount that would have proved, or disproved, the evidence of this they just ran the cards back through the same fucking machines. What did that prove? Nothing except that the machines did their job as well the second time as they did it the first.

We also know that the political machinations of the Republican Party was powerful enough to have stopped us from ever knowing whether or not there may have been interference in Michigan and Pennsylvania by refusing to even consider the evidence.

From now on until time immemorial (or Feb 3, 2017 when that bastard Trump gets us into a nuclear conflagration with China, whichever comes first) there will always be a taint of scandal and cheating involved in the Trump election process. His supposed win will never be legitimate.

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Our media influenced the primaries. Where’s the concern for that? Oh, there is none because it helped Hillary.

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Mariah’s point is well made. The Russians didn’t (as far we know) screw with actual votes or manipulate results. In the end, considering the visible and vocal show put on by Trump, what possible slander against his opponent is sufficient to render him the better choice?

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In addition to leaking DNC emails, the Russians also planted fake news The Russian activity certainly added Trump votes, though there is no way of knowing whether it actually tipped the election sufficiently to alter the final result.

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I have to say. From start to finish, this was the oddest election process I can think of.

What a cluster fuck…

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@MrGrimm888 Nothing will ever come close to McCain selecting Sarah Palin as his VP pick.

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^Yes. That was strange too… One could infer a patern…

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Yes @MrGrimm888 You could be right as we had Romney carting around pets tied to the top of his station wagon while probably wearing his magic pants.

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^Ha ha ha! I almost forgot about the dog thing… Our presidential candidates have been great….~~

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You mean other than exposing some nasty stuff about the Democratic party and Clinton? It had no effect on the election.

And, who to trust? Your gut.

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I recently read that the Russian hackers targeted both parties. But the RNC had better Internet defenses. So, it’s possible that Trump’s dirty laundry would also have been thrown out.

Of course, it’s all speculation, unless the CIA/FBI reveals what exactly they know. Which won’t happen.

Who to trust? Easy question. NOBODY…..

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@MrGrimm888 Are you not yet exhausted from all your effort to discredit Trump? Dude it is Christmas…take a break and be merry and wiser. There will be plenty of time to filet his ass if and when he fucks up. Take a deep breath and repeat after me…goosfraba….inhale/exhale…goosfraba…

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^Not exhausted yet. Still in venting phase…

This thread was more about my lack of understanding what ,if anything the hacking could do. Not really much to do with Trump.

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I understand you apprehension…I feel it too. I do hope America will be better off during Trumps tenancy. If it is….it will be because Congress finally passed some well thought out bi-partisan laws and all we will need to do is bite our lips while Trump tweets and takes all the credit. A new normal for us and the rest of the world. Yikes!

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^Thanks for understanding.

I hope the light you speak of at the end of the tunnel isn’t a freight train coming our way…

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@Cruiser If your optimism regarding Trump has anything at all to do with thinking him the inspirational motivation for a dysfunctional Congress, I applaud your enthusiasm, but again question your judgement.

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Is a Congress that does exactly what the controlling party wants with contempt and disregard for the beliefs and desires of the minority party any less dysfunctional?

In my opinion, no it is not.

We have a bigger problem than Congress here.

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Now it is settled that the Russians were actively engaged in the hacking of Democratic party internal documents and communications. It is also established that the Russians utilized the purloined information to actively promote Trump’s election. Now the BIG question is: Were Trump and his people in cahoots with the Russians toward the pursuit of their mutual goal?

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^I don’t think they were. Trump isn’t smart enough to have a hand in it. He fell into the situation. The uneducated, scared, stupid,anti-gay,anti-minority, anti-abortion and xenophobic crowd all got behind him. Unfortunately, we’ve found out how pathetic a large portion of Americans are. The embarrassing truth, is that’s what happened….

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@MrGrimm888 He doesn’t need to be smart. In fact all that would be required would be for him to live up to his reputation for shady dealings and very “flexible” ethics.

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^Yeah. That’s apparent. That he doesn’t have to be smart….

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