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Do you think Obama should order mental fitness test for Trump?

Asked by imrainmaker (6531points) December 19th, 2016

Here’s the link

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No. The mentally ill have a right to be president too.

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I actually do not support this, despite how much I despise Trump. I would not support a policy stating that somebody who is ill (in whatever way) can’t be president. Concerns over mental stability can be taken into account during the voting process. Unfortunately in this case our country is idiotic enough to have elected Trump despite his numerous personality defects (clinical or otherwise) but now that he’s been elected I wouldn’t support some official policy that says “Nope you can’t be president because you have X condition.” Where would we draw the line? Can we discriminate against all mental illnesses of all severities? Does it bleed over into physical illness? How do we find a nonpartisan clinician to diagnose them at this stage in the game?

I was also pissed when people were saying Hillary was unfit to be prez due to her health during her jag with pneumonia earlier this year.

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^^ That’ll be fine even if it can put the whole world in danger?

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I’m not okay with Trump’s presidency and I do think he as an individual puts the whole world in danger, but mentally ill people are not always dangerous and dangerous people are not always mentally ill, so I don’t support a wide-sweeping ban.

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I don’t think and I am sure Obama doesn’t think measures this desperate are in order. The deal is sealed…the electoral college put their stamp of approval on the election….Trump is anything but a loose cannon…time to take a chill pill and move on to a greater acceptance of the results. I felt the same way 8 years ago….I survived and so will you….breathe in a paper bag if you must.

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That was the job of the electors but they believe they are nothing but a rubber stamp for the electorate so that ain’t gonna happen

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Yes. Though it also occurs to me he should be summarily dismissed as not being an actual sane full adult. Sadly that also applies to most of the country.

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@Cruiser I sincerely hope you are correct but seriously doubt it. Now would be a good time to invest in lubricants.

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Regan had Alzheimer’s in his last years as president. Surely those closest to him knew and yet there was never a question of his mental stability.

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No. The people are clearly entitled to elect a lunatic if they so desire.

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Presidential nominees should be required to take a physical exam. Being president is physically demanding and voters have a right to know if the candidates are up to the task. A psychiatric requirement is getting into murky waters. It could be that having slight narcissistic or sociopathic tendencies would be advantageous.

For now, Obama should challenge Trump to game of one on one basketball.

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Actually, I would think mental issues would be more crucial that physical disabilities. Would you argue that a man in a wheelchair is not fit to be president? Hmm…

Whereas someone who might lose it and start World War III…well now.

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All of this moot and rather pointless. It ain’t about the Russians or the sins of Hillary. It’s about the flaws in US. The bottom line is that we get what we deserve. Trump’s glaringly visible and audible negatives remain unconcealed. If a naked turd can be elected President, what point is there in finding fault with the turd?

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Putting aside the question of Trump’s mental state -

no one, not even the president, can force anyone else to have a mental or physical exam against their will. (unless the person is criminally indicated and about to do harm to himself or others…)

Forcing a person to have a mental exam is a Hitler / Stalin thing to do. and was sometimes used as a reason to send people to the Gulag or put them to death.

This is a really dumb idea.

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By what authority would he do so?

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Sadly, I agree with most here. I don’t think he should be examined. If he was found to have the affliction mentioned in the article, then what?

Any sort of physical or mental testing ,if it’s to be done, should be done before the primaries.

Accordingto the 9 symptoms listed, he fits at list 8…

I do like how they mention the lemonade stand though. It reminds me of my old thread about who you would rather have running a lemonade stand, Trump or GW….

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It is quite alarming to think that Trump will soon be in possession of the launch codes for the country’s nuclear weapons. It gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘you are fired’.

The only thing between us and Armageddon would then be Section 4 of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution which allows for the vice president, together with a majority of cabinet heads or Congress, to declare the President disabled or unfit to execute the duties of the office.

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You should be thinking in the opposite direction. Barack Hussein drove our nation into a ten trillion-dollar hole, made us a laughing stock among the nations of the world, enabled ISIS through lack of action, entitled abortion clinics across the country and allowed for the marginalization of the Christian faith. Trump has already triggered one of the biggest bull markets in the history of our economy and is encouraging hundreds of companies to reinvest in America. And this is just for starters. Measuring Barack Hussein’s mental fitness is a moot point. Trump’s genius will be extolled in history for generations to come.

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^Wrong… Boringly predictable, low/no information, alt-right propaganda….

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