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What can't I sign in?

Asked by oldhippie (132points) August 6th, 2008

I can’t sign in – it won’t accept my password or e-mail and keeps saying I’ll get it sent to me and that isn’t happening. I’m having to go to Askville, look up the question with this address and come in that way. Why won’t this accept my password and e-mail – both of which are shown as correct?

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Yeah, the sign in page that pops up from where I bookmarked this site says to sign in, so I put in my e-mail and password and it says I don’t exist and I’ve been on here on and off since yesterday. Just changed my password, so I’m going to try again – if you don’t see me or hear from me again, you’ll know why!!

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@oldhippie, are you using ” ” as your sign in page? or are you talking about signing into the chat room? here is the link you need to bookmark for the chat room made for AV-ers –

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Hi Old Hippie good to see you dear. Good luck!

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Try contacting the admins by clicking on the link on Flutter’s home page (“Contact”).

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Old Hippie it does ito me too but not every time, sometimes i try again 3 or 4 times and it goes though.

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I cannot enter it either. I ge tthe enter room, but it just cycles around.

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i can’t even get in the room anymore, it says my username or password is invalid.

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i sent feedback to the contact people so maybe they will let me know.

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Feisty – see the link at Pnl’s post? The one that ends in 568? Use that one.

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that is he link i am clicking on but it tells me my password or username is invalid. andrew sent me a link this morning and it said it was closed to guests. i could understand if i was typing the link but i am using the ones posted.

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That happened to me, also. Just open a new account, and then ask one of the mods to close your old one!

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I’m having a problem signing in on my laptop at home. Somehow, I don’t seem to have a problem signing in on my desktop computer at my office.

I will try some of the above suggestions, which I’m thankful for.

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@tabby – what OS are you running on your laptop? And what browser are you using on it? And are you having trouble signing into Fluther or the chat room?

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Thanks for your concern, PnL. I really appreciate it.

My laptop is a MacbookPro, running Mac OS X 10.5.4. It’s exactly the same system I have on my desktop at work. I normally use Firefox.

The funny thing is that I have contacted Flutter several times, wondering if there might be a password problem or something else, and no one has ever e-mailed me. But if I can sign in at the office, it sounds like the problem is something else.

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If you are trying to get into the chatroom and you are not a mod you do not have an account there and therefore don’t have a password. You need to make it so you only get prompted for a login name. And that can be anything.

Delete your cookies and try again. <—that is the link you should be using.

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