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Has anyond here ever do quick double take at someone you just met?

Asked by Heather13 (495points) December 20th, 2016

About a year ago, this happened to me. We had a newspeaker at an annual event that takes place in my community. I was sitting almost towards the front row. We never saw each other before. But as he started to speak, we both looked at each other quick, then look away. It was weird. Almost like the scene on P & P, when Mr. Darcey first saw Liz. The reason I am even bringing it up now, is because for the next two times I saw him, he walk across from where he was and came right in my space to talk to someone else. He just stopped talking to whomever was across the room. Anyway, he ran across my mind recently, because he did something horrible that affect my family, only he didnt know I was part of the family. He was trying to be spitful to my dad because of a rumor. Now that my dad told him I am his daughter, he’s been trying to fix the situation. But I feel awkward knowing our first encounter, and finding out he’s a liar and just not a very nice person.

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Unless there is more to this story than you are telling, I wouldn’t read anything into the glances you shared and go with the facts of his not being a nice guy. Love at first sight is rarely an indication of character! :-)

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Whether there’s a spark between you two or not, he has already shown you the undesirable side of his character. It’s a serious character flaw, and even if he manages to patch things up between you, you can be sure that in the future he’ll use that tactic on you or anyone else he wants to punish. He’s a toxic manipulator, and pure poison.

Dodge this bullet, and stay away from him!

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Yes, although not with the same drama you had.

I was attending a Bar Mitzvah a month ago – I saw this guy walking into the room. I knew that he looked familiar – he was the spitting image of his brother, who I know somewhat.

I walked over and said “Are you M*****‘s brother? And did you used to have a big black bushy beard?”

Turns out that I had met this guy 40+ years ago – hadn’t seen him since. But the light clicked on and I recognized him anyway.

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I think he was probably dazzled by your beauty. And then, after that moment when he noticed you from the stage and was so stunned he had to look away, he felt an uncontrollable urge to be close to you and so struck up conversations with people in your vicinity. Obviously, since he didn’t speak to you, he is in awe of you and just couldn’t summon up the courage to actually talk to you. However, I know from previous questions you’ve asked that this is not an unusual situation for you. So yes, it is amazing and weird how often this happens to you! You have the power to make men act so oddly. How do you cope with having this ability to disarm men with just a look?

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I don’t know why they act like this. Even my mom notices that this happens to me. I just got home from work (restuarant host) and this old guy who came in made the moves as he came in. I asked him if he was dining alone, he said he’s dining with me. (Awkward). Anyway, he said he would sit at the bar. When I went to clean one of the high tops at the bar, he was staring me down. I felt uncomfortable and to break the awkwardness, I went over to make small talk, but he became very forward and graphic with his flirting so I excused my self and walked back to the host stand. Thank god some people came in that time to be sat. I told my coworker, who became aware of the guy’s behavior towards me before I told him. He said when I was avoiding the guy, he noticed him looking for me. Then later on, after trying to dodge him, he came around a corner as I was walking and seemed to be heading to the restroom. I told my coworker (male) to stay with me at the host stand until the guy left. Then the guy came and stopped short at the corner to wait until my coworker walked away. My coworker, a server, and my manager noticed him standing there and thought it was creepy. My coworker could see the guy from his vantage point, and kept telling me he is waiting for me to be alone. He gave up and walked passed us to leave, and my manager shouted “have a good night” to him. He did not reply, but turned back to look at me. The whole time, my coworker was teasing me. Both him and the server that saw the guy, said they would walked me out when I got off, which they did. They were afraid he could have been waiting for me in the parking lot. I am not imagining these behaviors. They really happen to me. I just happen to wtite about them.

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Not so much met as seen. More than once, I’ve seen guys that looked like doppelgangers for my father…even though I knew they were not and could not be him, the physical resemblance was so strong…and in two cases certain mannerisms as well, yah, double take…

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