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Do you have any fabulous cherry or peach recipes?

Asked by Earthbound_Misfit (13152points) December 22nd, 2016

I’ve been given a huge box of cherries and another of peaches. There’s no way we’re going to eat all of this fruit, so I hope to make some recipes I can freeze.

Any ideas for things to do with cherries or peaches that will use them efficiently and in a way that doesn’t require us to eat them all now?

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Peach pie
Brandied peaches
fruit compote
Peach crumble

Going to bed now so can’t link to recipes but you can find good ones online.

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Peach jam/preserves, ditto, peach or cherry pie/cobbler or how about Peach Brandy!

Lots of recipes online!

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I know I can Google recipes. What I’m looking for are people’s tried and tested favourites.

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@Earthbound_Misfit Oh, oops, recipes not just ideas. Got it. My brain is foggy today, like the weather. haha

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You can pit and peel peaches, cube or slice, and just freeze in bags. No problem. If you want to add sugar so they can make syrup you can do that. I wouldn’t myself, but…..

Cherries I have no experience with having an abundance. As many as enter our front door we can eat. Right then. However, on The Cherry Hut website (a restaurant and store that is all things Cherry up in Michigan) you can see the many things they offer. I had a cherry hamburger there once. It was wonderful. Of course it was mostly ground beef, but the point is cherries are nutritious and if you have a means to dry them you could use them for many things like salsa. Freezing? If you removed the seeds it might work but since I don’t know I’ll let you look that tidbit up yourself.

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