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Should I attend the inauguration?

Asked by amazingme (1860points) December 23rd, 2016

Recently I began a new relationship and with this relationship has come a ticket to the presidential inauguration in January.
I am having a difficult time deciding whether or not I should attend.
I am utterly disappointed in the election of Trump and his beliefs (or lack thereof) and actions go against everything I believe. While I am a liberal person, I would attend the inauguration if any other person had been elected, Republican or Democrat. The rhetoric that surrounded the Trump campaign and now continues into his new administration is frightening for many reasons and I do not wish to even seem as if I have the slightest inclination of commendation towards this election.

I do not believe declining to attend will have any bearing on my new relationship (a Republican, yet not a Trump supporter), yet I still remain indecisive. I am definitely attending the Women’s March the following day (I live in the DC Metropolitan area).

So, I want to hear others’ opinions on this matter. If you were in my situation, would you attend? Please refrain from unhelpful comments.

Thanks :)

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Totally your call.

Personally I would not but that is my conscience and my call. You have your own demons.

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I couldn’t bear to give the impression that in any way I endorse Trump as President. I would either not attend or face the opposite way throughout in dignified protest.

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Either respect the process or don’t go. If your sole intent is to attend and talk trash don’t go.

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I would be conflicted as well. I hate Trump, but this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a presidential inauguration. In the end, my curiosity would probably get the best of me. If you go, please give a post telling us what it was like.

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One thing to keep in mind. The entertainment list features a bunch of looosers

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Good point @Jaxk

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If you don’t support the president-elect, I wouldn’t go. Don’t give the impression that he has a mandate.

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When I was in high school, we were given a chance to “go see a President!” A President was going to tour the new Bay Area Rapid Transit system,

It was Richard Nixon. What a waste of time. I still am unimpressed.

Stay home and watch the big concert instead.

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If I felt the way you do—and I do—I wouldn’t go. I would suggest a very pleasant day for the two of you elsewhere, away from the maddening crowd. A lot of places will be deserted that day in your area. Will the Smithsonian be open? The old, original building, the big ugly red one on the Mall would be a cool place for the two of you to walk around in alone. It is beautiful inside. It would probably be freezing on Jan. 20th, so kayaking in WV or horseback riding is out.

Think of a place you’d like to visit with him on the one day everyone will be somewhere else.

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bring rotten eggs.

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I wouldn’t go. I cannot in any good conscious been seen to support or legitimize him and his oligarchy.

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Sure. I’m no Trump supporter, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing for you. It might be fascinating, even if you don’t support the guy.

I wouldn’t worry about ‘sending a message’ that might imply that you support him – look at it as a snapshot moment in history, and you were there.

If nothing else, you can “bear witness” to the goings on.

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I think it would be a chance of a lifetime to bear witness to the swearing in of a President. You will down the road to be able to tell your grandchildren I was there when either a great future President or Hilter redux was sworn in.

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For all those who (this is the funny bit) refuse to endorse Trump…ahem, he don’t give a shit.

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@ucme You think you’re the only person who knows that??

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@ucme Narcissists need sycophants. I think you are mistaken. I think it does bother him. It galls him, gnaws at his guts, tears up his insides and brings out his psychotic bullying persona.

Look at his response to not being able to get any A-list talent for the inauguration. He denigrates their talent, lies about them all wanting to get tickets to it and then says he isn’t going to give them any because he wants “The People” there, not their worthless asses. This is not the attitude of someone who doesn’t care.

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^^ And not that of a mature individual about to inherit the codes.

I was just thinking. Are you absolutely sure your guy is ambivalent about not going? Has he ever had the opportunity to attend an inauguration before? Are you sure that he is not just being a gentleman about this? It would seem to me that it would be a huge thing for a person who identifies as a Republican, even if he doesn’t like Trump. If it were my significant other, and I had any doubts, I would bite the bullet and attend it with him.

It won’t mean much to you and probably won’t be one of your more memorable days, but it might mean a lot to him and be one of the his most cherished moments. That’s not a huge sacrifice for someone you love, but might be a great thing for him.

But if you’re sure that he really doesn’t care either way, my original answer stands.

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I don’t think there’s anything wrong watching democracy in action.

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@rojo Well yeah, I can see that he’d melt like a special snowflake because his peers reject him, but a disgruntled joe public who were never in favour of him? Not one single fuck does he give.

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I wouldn’t go, but keep in mind that I don’t go to weddings if I don’t know both partners or don’t care if their marriage makes it. I have to support ceremonies I’m going to.

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Good Point @ucme

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Like a box full of sharpened pencils, I have nothing but good points, well, maybe the occasional worn crayon, but still.

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just tear back the paper a little more^^

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Who cares? Go if you want to go.

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I would not walk across the street to see Ted Nugent or Kid Rock. They assault my eardrums. Even if this is a chance of a lifetime to see a presidential inauguration, because it is Trump and he stands for all I am against, I personally would not go. I would not want to answer to my grandchildren pointing at pictures and saying “but grandma you were there at that evil man’s inauguration. You must have liked him and even voted for him. Why?”

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I would be curious but I am not a supporter of his and I also dislike large crowds. I wouldn’t go anywhere near Washington DC that weekend. It’s going to be a madhouse. No thank you.

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I think you should go. Go while
the office still has some meaning. After all it would be something to be able to tell your grandchildren “I was there when they launched the Titanic”.

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To thine own self be true. Can you live with it??

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If you don’t feel you should be there, don’t go. You have said it will have no effect on your relationship or your partner, so decide what’s right for you. Why do you feel you should go? Why are you even questioning yourself about this?

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I personally would go. I don’t support trump but this is history unfolding and it’s a rare opportunity to have a ring side seat.

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After reading your details, I am surprised that you would consider going. Personally, I would not go.

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If you decide to not go…can I go in your place? I am married and promise I would not do anything untoward to compromise your new fledgling relationship. At the most we would take a selfie with Ivanka.

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I would go just to see Barak and Michelle off. Then I would find a time to walk out, very obviously, too.

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Mmmm… watch Trump swear to uphold the Constitution and see his nose grow a couple of feet or do anything else including have my molars explired by Szell’s dental probe.

No contest. Bring on the drill!

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Arrrgggh… Me and my &%@*&?! typos !!! One of my former managers who probably will read this would agree.

EXPLORED, not “explired.” But y’all knew that, right?

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^^we figured it out^^

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Well, @rojo, isn’t that typo-cal of jellies?!

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