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Could anyone tell me what these strange bumps are?

Asked by LornaLove (10037points) December 23rd, 2016

For ages now, perhaps even a year, I have had a patch of skin on my left back shoulder (if that makes sense) that itches. If you look at it there is no rash. However, lately, I can feel bumps under my skin. It feels at times are though something is crawling under my skin? It’s starting to freak me out as lately it has been very ‘crawly’ and feels awful. It’s not easy to scratch either because of its location.
Is it a part of peri? As I am peri at the moment!

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Are the bumps perfectly round? How large are they?

I had cysts in my leg from an accident and it had an itchy crawly feeling from the inside. Did you slam that area in the past? Like black and blue bang. I still have some of the cysts, but they rarely bother me now. It took a couple of years.

The skin might be dry, plus you might have some small cysts. They could be completely unrelated, but having the cysts might draw your attention to the area, and then once you touch it it gets the dry itch going on the skin too. That happens on my back. I don’t have cysts on my back, but if something starts a scratch then I can start to get itchy all over my back.

I’m assuming it’s not skin tags since you say it’s under your skin.

Did you ask a doctor?

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They are really small, I would say they are uneven and scattered, but definitely under my skin. I can only feel them if I press down and swipe across the skin. Some become almost like a tiny pimple and it breaks. Mostly though they are not above the skin. As I am sitting here I can feel that weird sensation under my skin. However, I am highly neurotic at the moment (meaning highly anxious) and I have been all day and all week.
Cyst? I don’t have bigger lumps or bumps. I do suffer with itchy skin and itchy back all over lately, I’ve put it down to dry skin? I moisturized it tonight with quite a strong moisturizer but not sure if it will work. No, I haven’t been to the Doctor. I am terrified of Doctors. I know, I am a wreck!

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Nothing to do with perimenopause. I have some small bumps in places but no itching. You do need to see a dermatologist if it is bothering you.

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I think it could be fats or oils forming cysts. I’m just completely guessing though. Next time you’re at the doctor mention them. Maybe they can do a sonogram to confirm what they think they might be.

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Parasites? You need to see someone . If you are afraid of doctors then show a nurse.

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Sub epidermal parasites don’t usually result in pustules…

It sounds like it’s really bothering you. Go to a doctor. It’s probably some localized dermatitis, and could be easily cured with an antibiotic.

Either way, good luck.

Peace n love.

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Feedback: I got my boyfriend to smother olive oil all over my back and I haven’t been bothered since. How odd. Even the lumps have gone. Gosh, who knew dry skin could be so freaky! and in one patch too! So for now, I’ll say its dry skin. Thanks all for your answers.

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Sounds like Mites….google it.
We have been dealing with them off and on for 6 months.
Good luck.

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Hi @MooCows no it’s definitely not mites. I had that years ago. My parents were in an old age home and contracted it, so did I, and so did my maid. It was horrible. Even my maid’s children got it, that is how fast and quickly it traveled. I’ve had no personal contact with anyone, I don’t live in an institution, I am not sexually active with strange partners, I have not used any other linen or towels but my own. My partner is not itching on his back or anywhere else. This is nothing like mites.

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