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Most domestic terrorists (in the USA) are Christian. So, shouldn't Christians be registered, if Muslims are?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16911points) December 23rd, 2016

Trump ,as most probably know,is still wanting to “register” Muslims in the US. Because of the threat of terrorism.

The vast majority of terrorist attacks in the US are by Christians.

By Trump’s logic, shouldn’t Christians be registered too?

Whose going to bomb the next abortion clinic, a Muslim, or a Christian? ..........

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Christians aren’t foreigners. Domestic terrorists are not real terrorists, just some poor souls with a lot of problems on their minds. Therefore, they should not be treated like those foreigners, who are all trying to destroy the beautiful America.

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It’s disgusting that Arabs and muslims were already being actively monitored and registered by the NSA. A scheme that caught precisely zero terrorists.

But apparently islamophobia and anti-Arab racism are just figments of my imagination and part of a “political correct” culture inculcated by Marxist academics—or something.

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@Sneki95 . Surely you jest.

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Seriously? Give proof.

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Your question is a bit ‘all over the place’, however, the next person to bomb the abortion clinic would be ‘the bomber’.

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@chyna . Abortion clinics were just an example, but a good one.

What’s more likely; A Muslim blows up the next abortion clinic, or a right wing Christian?

Other than recent attacks on police, abortion clinics were the only “terrorist attacks” we usually had in the US.

Timothy McVeigh was Roman Catholic. I wager that’s as close to Christianity that the government will decide the many branches of Islam are to one another….

@LornaLove . If by “all over the place” you mean generalized, then yes it is.

There are many different types of Islam. Trump will likely paint with a broad brush in his decision making too.

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One person is your example. Timothy Mcvey. That is not MOST domestic terrorists.

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^There are too many abortion clinic incidents for me to site.

McVeigh killed many people.

Dylan Roof was a Christian, and he shot people in a historic church to star a race war.

Most members of the KKK are Christian. If killing black Americans is terrorism, then there are more examples. Cross burning might have a correlation with religion no?

Must I really go on?

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KSM suggested in one of his interrogations that God had placed a cognitive flaw in the minds of Americans to the extent that they were so morally confused that they could not recognize their Islamist enemies as enemies.
He may be correct.

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Terrorism knows no religion.. Registering people based on religion is the dumbest idea one can think of to curb it.

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@josie Believe me, the entire planet is convinced that Americans don’t recognize who their enemies are.

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The Americans might as well face up to the fact that in 4 years time the rest of the world are going to be thinking of them in the same way they think of the Nazi party.

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@josie KSM’s interrogations involved repeated drownings. I would put little credence on anything he said to his tormentors and wouldn’t cite him as an authority on the American psyche.

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Statistically, it is true. Domestic terrorists ARE white christian males and they have killed more people. Also, you are all dying at a faster rate of Opiate abuse than gun violence. Congratulations for not knowing where your true threat lies. Perhaps Trump is the messiah you are all looking for to lead you through a desert for 40 years so your entire population can die and he can train and brain wash a new entire generation. Just so you know, if your government starts a war, it will be brought to YOUR soil. The rest of the world is tried of America raging wars in countries most American’s can’t even locate on a map. If the USA wants war, they will have to learn what the consequences look like. And I live in a country that is supposedly an ally. Don’t test us.

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No one should be “registered” by religion in America.

Yes, there are plenty of Christian terrorists. I’m not sure how many reference their Christianity as the reason for their terrorism, the Muslim terrorists seem to often do that.

I personally would say many of the Christians who terrorize do find their justification in their religion. Not all
If them though. The abortion clinics is a good example and the KKK. Other example the person just happens to be Christian, but they are just looney tunes. I guess some KKK members don’t hearken their loyalty back to Christianity, but certainly in history the KKK found justification for their bad actions citing their religion.

I don’t blame the religions, religion is a tool of the haters. A convenient tool for the leaders of the haters. Religion has a very good system of controlling and manipulating people, and the horrible people who seek power understand that and they utilize it.

I’d say the Christians in America are “registered” to the extent that most are citizens and can be monitored unless they purposely try not to be. In that sense almost everyone in America is registered. Illegal immigrants would be the people we know the least about, but I don’t think there are many Muslims here illegally.

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The Christians are already in the USA, so registering them would not accomplish much. Registering Muslims is insufficient. They should be banned, as they are in Japan. They want to take over the world, and they have made a strong beginning in Europe. The Quran preaches that all humans must become Muslims and to kill non-Muslims. It is overly idealistic and blind to harsh reality to give preference to Muslims. Liberals are doing that all over Europe, and you may witness the results. Open borders are open to invaders, and a religion that preaches violence and world domination needs to be restrained strongly.

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^How does equal treatment, give “preference?”

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Giving equal treatment to psychotics and sane people is foolish beyond words. Muslims will not reciprocate. They want special treatment. They want to force their ways upon everyone.

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^^I can’t speak to Europe, but in America the majority of Muslims are like any other group. They assimilate, they feel a patriotism and gratitude to America, and they appreciate the freedom of religion and diversity in America. From what I understand their tenets do include converting others, but so does Christianity! Think about it. The majority of Christian-Americans and Muslim-Americans don’t go around trying to convert people though. I’m Jewish, and I’ve never felt my Christian or Muslim friends have a problem with it.

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Muslims are on a jihad to take over the world. Christians have become more restrained in such matters. Liberals only aid the Jihad with their unrealistic ideas that are often overly idealistic. If you give equality to an invader, you only help him with his invasion, and his friends will kill you later.

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^I guess I can stop respecting your responses now. Thanks for playing.

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I have as much respect for you as you do for me. You would aid and abet the jihad that in time will force you to be a Muslim or be decapitated. You choise is a bad one.

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Allah akbar!

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So you admit you support the Muslim Jihad! I am not surprised.

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^You’ve got me all figured out…

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Obviously, I have, and you admit it. Oh well, denials are futile.

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