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What are the things that puzzle you?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) December 23rd, 2016

Apart from election results what are the things in day to day life that puzzle you?

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Why some people think that global warming is a hoax.
Why most people can’t seem to drive worth a damn.
why people are so addicted to texting.
Those are just off the top of my head there are lots more but lets just start with those.

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Why some people are stuck in a rut ? ^^^^^

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What degree should I get? Or should I just live comfortably as possible? Am I only left to become a cashier again?

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Why people risk their lives and the lives of others by texting and talking on their cell phones will driving.

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Why so many people are oblivious to their annoying behaviors.

How anyone can actually support Trump.

People that like fruitcake.

The appeal of yappy, neurotic, shivering, little creeper dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkies. haha

Stupid pop sayings like “80 is the new 60 and 60 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 20.
Wtf is this nonsense anyway? lol

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^^ so you don’t like fruitcake?

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@imrainmaker Is it that obvious? haha

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Most of the ladies I know like them or like to prepare them at least..that’s why I was bit surprised..)

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Real ladies don’t eat fruitcake. lol

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I know you said the election, but this really goes beyond that.
Trump lost all three debates decisively. Every other day he said something awful, belittling everyone from POWs to hispanics to muslims to women to republican voters.
What does this asshat have to do to lose voters? Are we doomed to 8 years of this fucktard?

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Why are fans in bathroom placed so high? The fan in my bathroom is in the shower on a vertical wall right up next to the ceiling. If the light in the bathroom is off and it is daytime I can see light pouring through. It is like there is a fucking hole in my wall. Heat rises.

Every-time I look at the damn fan I just see money flying out of it.

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People who use “motivated reasoning” to cling to totally untenable position.

People who are clearly in the “Dunning-Kruger” zone being given credence for being experts or at minimum, being allowed to “pontificate” as experts on subjects of which they have no knowledge.

2a. The people who listen to, agree with and propagate the messages o the people in #2.

People who knowingly vote against their own best interest.

People who refuse to do their own research and will follow authoritarian-seeming people just because.

People who are psychologically predisposed to operate from fear at all times.

The corollary to #5—People who fear anything/anyone that is “different” or represent “new”.

7. People of any faith-path who read the Holy Writ of their faith-path literally rather than as metaphor.

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Aside from my previous post…goddamn NYC taxi drivers.

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Who the hell thought those fan-like abominations that you supposedly use to “dry your hands with hot air” was a good idea? In fact, why do people even use that thing?

Why do people honk in the traffic? You lying down on the siren will not magically clear the crowd. People that do that act like a kid in the mall that screams and cries because mom won’t buy him the candy. It’s really annoying, as much as people who get mad because someone in the traffic made a small mistake, so they start insulting the strangers and scream and get angry, all because the person in the front didn’t cross the road to their liking.

I’ll never understand people who like and people who think other people like big breasts and buts, so they go through all kinds of plastic surgery or spend half a day int gym just to look “hot”. That isn’t hot; it’s disproportional and creepy. I’ll also never understand women that find bodybuilders and otherwise overly muscled men attractive in any way.

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How so many normally rational people can make such stupid decisions.

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Why people who have not paid their dues at any age in life whine the most, think they are smarter than average and constantly blame external forces for every ill in their life.

How cable companies are still in business

Why third party politics have yet to sweep the nation

Why people seek polarizing positions instead of the truth

Why liberals act so nasty to republicans

Why republicans put up with Trump

Why college and healthcare is so expensive

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Why people drop litter. Especially at beauty spots in the countryside. If you like nature enough to go to some trouble to get into it why spoil it by leaving litter. It is so easy to take it with you or put it in a bin.

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I’ll add litter too. Pisses me off.

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Why rational beings skydive, go up in hot air balloons and in so many other dangerous ways risk their lives for “sport.”

Why people announce on social media when they take vacations. Dumb!

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Why religion is still a thing

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

@Pachy I actually get why people do things like skydive. You live life quite a lot doing those things.

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Another thing that puzzles me is how unpleasant people can become leaders of countries in which nearly everyone is helpful and kind. Who lets them get away with it?

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@Pachy Going up in a hot air balloon is one of THE most exhilarating experiences you could ever have. I could go up, up and away in a beautiful balloon every day. haha
Champagne makes it all the more amazing! :-)

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@Coloma and @ARE_you_kidding_me, @imrainmaker was looking for individual puzzlements, not general consensus. I absolutely get why some folks are attracted to, and thrilled by, voluntary risk. I just happen not to be one of ‘em. ;-)

I don’t even like champagne.

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Why some people are so incapable of accepting responsibility and apologizing, even when it’s very clear that they’ve done something wrong, hurtful, inconsiderate, neglectful, or otherwise regrettable.

Why anyone would even want to eat goat cheese.

Why long-talkers are so entranced by their own voices, have no interest in listening to other people, and refuse to believe that they’re rude and boring.

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Human stupidity and shortsightedness.

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why many of the same people who believe that the world is a messed up and amoral place still decide to bring innocent children into that world.

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@AnonymousAccount8 YEAH! I can’t figure that one out either.^^^

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How an Oreo can have so much fat and calories.

How I continue to have trouble standing my ground.

How hypocritical some people are.

Why people hate people who they don’t even know.

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It puzzles me that people who haven’t had another person’s experience feel completely qualified and rightful to judge that person.

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War puzzles me. All I see is madness. How can humans be filled with so much hate that they try to kill as many innocent people as possible and destroy and terrorize civilization. No intelligent thinking being can justify such actions that happen so often in this troubled world.

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Why some people can have everything anyone could want and they have to try to get more from those who have less than them.

Why people can’t realize that making other people miserable won’t really make them happy.

Why greedy and selfish people seem to think they can wreck this planet in their pursuit of getting richer and somehow avoid mother nature.

Why people build homes on beaches and swamps year after year in areas that are always in the path of hurricanes.

How people can actually hate other people for their differences when they don’t even know them nor has the person ever done anything to them personally. (I’m not talking about politicians, I’m talking about the every day person you may encounter in the street.)

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I keep tripping over the fact of existence itself.

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The human race in general.Just watch the news for 5 seconds.We have lost are way somewhere.

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How some people are just so obnoxious.
How some people can’t accept that other people have different opinions and views (such as religion)
Human stupidity.

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Why anyone would believe that pineapple belongs on a pizza.

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Why anyone would consider this abomination to be a pizza at all.

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@Love_my_doggie Have you ever tried pineapple on pizza???
I love it, I can’t imagine a pizza with out it.

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@Love_my_doggie Oh, I would have to add, shrimp with lettuce on pizza. I actually had that in Italy. My son, myself and my husband each tried a different topping choice that they offered.
Not a single ordinary topping that we are use to seeing in the states and no tomato sauce of any kind. All white cream or just a different type of cheese. It was the worst food we ever tasted. And they charged an arm an a leg for it. Do you know what lettuce on pizza taste like? Like wet grass. And none of them were pleasant to look at, much less eat but we were hungry and we were an hour walk away from anywhere else to eat that was open. It was nasty. Oh, and no mozzarella cheese either. I just wanted a slice with mozzarella but you couldn’t order it the way you wanted. They had certain set combos. They also had caviar pizza. Made you want to puke.

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@Pandora My daughter is traveling to Amsterdam, Poland and Italy in May. I will warn her about the pizza. haha
We recently looked at the menu for her nice hotel in Warsaw, it wasn’t very appetizing either. Lots of roast goose and foie gras and there was one dish that looked simply hideous!

It was, literally, lasagne noodles with some sort of berry topping. I forgot the name of the berries, oh, wait, “Bilberries.” Looked like crushed Blackberries on pasta. Gag! She was joking that she was going to lose weight on this trip. haha

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@Pandora How odd that Italians would defile a pizza!

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The pizza in Naples is the closest to USA pizza but it usually is only cheese, (Mozzarella) sauce, (tomatoes and garlic) and fresh Basil leaves. Red, Green and White the Italian flag.The pies is called Margherita for the Queen consort of the Kingdom of Italy in 1889 that ate one in Naples.

@Love_my_doggie Pizza is an American thing.

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^^^ Pizza as we know it is an American thing, just as many cuisines have been heavily adapted to North American tastes.

When I was growing up, one of my friends had a grandmother from Italy. The grandmother often made pizza with crushed, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, cheese, and herbs. The food couldn’t have been any more authentic; it was the method used, in her region of Sicily, to prepare pizza. The taste and texture were heavenly.

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^^Pizza margherita, as mentioned above. You can get it in America. Some places it’s very close to the real thing. Even within Italy the pizza is different from north to south and also Sicily.

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