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What is December 26th like for you?

Asked by JLeslie (59842points) December 24th, 2016 from iPhone

I just wondered if after Christmas you feel a big let down, or if the joy of Christmas stays with you, or maybe some other completely different feelings happen for you.

I’m mostly interested in how you feel, but also tell us what usually happens on that day. Are you already taking down the decorations? Are you in stores for returns and sales? Are you bored? Are you purposely avoiding stores. Do you lament over the things that did or did not happen at Christmas this year? Traveling back home?

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Dec 26 is definitely not a big let down. It starts out as a big void between being wrapped up in all the trappings of the demands of the holiday…so for me the Day after Christmas is a true vacation day if there ever was one. It is a do what ever the hell you want to do day and don’t ask me to do any but warm up leftovers for you day .

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Just another day on the calendar.

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It is the day after Christmas and the day before my birthday. A nice day with no expectations.

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I grew up in a Lutheran household that celebrated on Christmas Eve, so Christmas was the most borrrrrrrring day ever. No one could come out to play, and in those days there wasn’t much interesting on tv other than the Queen’s Message.

By Boxing Day all the good stuff was happening. Many families had and have Boxing Day Open Houses so we’d go to a lot of those. When I first got a house, I had a Boxing Day Waffle Party for several years.

Good fun til Boxing Day shopping slid into Canada from the US.

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A relief generally. Christmas was a big deal in the family that my Ex and I created; now I have make-do plans with friends so I am happy to have gotten through Christmas without being too sad. When we were all together, it was generally a quiet day of noshing, reading and playing with toys.

I will go visit my sons some years for Christmas and that’s fun but this year I will be visiting locally with good friends.

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The older and crustier I get, the more disenchanted I’ve become with the season’s stress and
commerciality. But at the same time I find myself increasingly nostalgic about Christmases past—all those lovely memories that rush in when I hear familiar carols and see houses ablaze with blue and white lights at night.

I recall with such fondness how exciting Christmas Eve once was, how peaceful Christmas Day. And even now, cynical old man that I am, I still look forward to the holiday season, though it seems to start earlier and earlier each year,

Best of all, I enjoy in the notion that all around me are people, especially kids, for whom the lyric “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is true and dear.

Oh—did I mention?—I’m Jewish.

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It’s just another day. This year, it is Hanukkah candle #3

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Truth be told, Christmas for me as a kid was so shitty it continued affect me for years. We were a fairly “middle-class” sort of family and so there was not an economic issue. It wasn’t until years later and after much introspection and journaling that I realized my father was a functional alcoholic, my mother was a chronic undiagnosed depressive and my younger sister was an only child. And I always was a fucking shepherd in the goddamn Christmas Pageant at church. I never got promoted to Joseph or a Wise Fuck.

And that I was a border-line depressive as well…with a big touch of SAD.

It’s only been within the last half-decade or so that I’ve been able to do more than just cope with Christmas. Part is because of the book “The First Christmas” by Borg and Crossan. Part is because I’ve come to embrace a more Wiccan/Pagan view of this time of year a part of The Turn of the Wheel of The Year. And come to embrace the world’s wide diversity of celebrations at this time of year…

So, from me to you…Happy/Merry whatever you celebrate…

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Usually working. You’d be amazed how many people manage to poison themselves with undercooked turkey, or injure themselves after drinking too much.

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I’m usually off the week after Christmas, or at least for a few days. This year I’m off for the week so on the day after Christmas, I’m driving to visit friends in Rhode Island (about an hour and a half – two hour drive). I may stop at a store or two to catch a sale (to bring to the people in Rhode Island).

Usually it seems like I’m driving somewhere lately on the day after Christmas, as I usually try to use the time to plan a little trip with my daughter. Last year we drove to Boston (about a four hour drive) and spent a few nights there and saw the Nutcracker at the Boston Ballet.

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This year I will spend it getting ready for my kids who arrive on 27 December.

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@flutherother And me! Break out the haggis!

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I’ve got a cat flap a penguin could just squeeze through but haggis?? Penguins eat haggis?

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Time to go for a walk to work off all that Christmas excess

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Work day haha.

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This year it will be a great day to relax. It usually isn’t a holiday for me. I will go on a long run.

When I work on Boxing Day, it’s a nice low-key way to defuse from the holiday rush.

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@flutherother Well, I’d rather hae an injin bridie if the truth be told. Maybe I’ll wait and walk through your door on New Year’s Eve?

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That would be an ingin bridie. I’ll order some in for Hogmanay. The door will be open.

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@flutherother Squee! (The sound a penguin makes when it’s happy.)

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one of the best things about any holiday spent with little humans


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^^ That’s one dumb penguin!

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It’s my birthday! haha
Us Capricorns rock! :-D

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Boxing Day is awesome, all the fun of xmas with football thrown into the mix…me likey a lot

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This year will be quiet and blobby, eating some leftovers and watching videos and reading new books and playing with pups and goofing off after all the fuss.
I look forward to the 26th big time.

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December 26th = no more Christmas songs, blasting nonstop over radio stations, at retail stores, and in waiting rooms.

After about 8 weeks of unrelenting bombardment, it’s a true relief.

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@Seek & @Coloma I salute my fellow last-week-of-the-year babies.

Kind of a bummer as a kid when your birthday is unimportant compared to the holidays, and you’re home instead of with your school friends. OK as adult when you can piggyback on the holidays, people you might not see all year are around for your birthday.

Dec 30th

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Home shopping channel and not buying anything.

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Playing with the toys and stuff I got for Christmas. So far I know about a spice rack and a sandwich cooker. There might be more. I got the boys a lego worktable, so we will be playing with that.

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I’m usually flat on my ass December 26th, recovering from a house full of people.

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@cookieman ooh, I like that! Very biteable position! nom, nom, nom

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It’s a day to do nothing – unless you want to. Boxing Day used to be when all the post-Christmas sales started so many people go shopping (not me!). We often go to the cinema. Really though, it’s a day to relax, read books, watch films, play with toys and eat leftovers.

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@janbb: I’d be too weak to resist.

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^^ Resistance is futile!

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Going outrigger canoe paddling. Glad it is all over (for a while anyway).

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I have no interest in the holidays. If anything they are a inconvenience. My mom was concerned that I was alone today and I had to tell her to not come over. I am rocking SSH sessions and not sure what she would add to my day other than the feeling of entertaining her when I don’t want to.

My sister and the twins are coming down on Monday for a late holiday so we can Jesusgasim together even though none of us believe bible garbage. Jesus saves, Gretzky scores, Walmart sold a Apple TV and some socks.

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@Call_Me_Jay I’ve never met a Capricorn I didn’t like, really and I am not into astrology but….
I think I will hostess a Capricorn Birthday party for us all. I know several others in this thread as well. :-)

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@Coloma I’ll be there! I’m a Capricorn.

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@janbb I know! :-)
I was wondering if I can name names, Gail was a Dec.31 baby too!

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@gondwanalon Going ice skating on the pond…I will have to wait another 3–4 months to go kayaking again! Enjoy!

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I slept in a little bit, then I went over to the 99 Cent Only store to get Xmas items marked down to twenty five cents each. I got some cards, bows, tags, gift bags, wrapping paper, holiday cellophane for wrapping cookies and gift baskets, and colored tissue paper all for 6 dollars. It would have been $24. Woot : ) Putting that away for next year.

Had lunch at Taco Bell, then I went to Starbucks, and then I drove around and took some photos. In about a half hour I’m going to eat some Xmas leftovers, then maybe watch a movie on Netflix.

And of course right now, I’m on Fluther!

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Watching YouTube marathons on civil beyond earth.

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Was watching th Breaking Bad marathon, but have to to sleep now. You think there’s a drug that would keep me up to watch it straight through all at once?

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@zenvelo There is but you wouldn’t want to take it.

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Although I don’t celebrate Christmas, December 26th, or the next Monday, is my day to gift/honor those who serve me through the year: mail carriers, trash/recyclable workers, etc. I’ve always thought the Europeans had a good idea about this, so I celebrate Boxing Day with them.

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