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Have you ever had your cell phone stolen?

Asked by idream3r (439points) December 24th, 2016

Today I was having Football (Soccer) training at the park.I put my phone in my bag and put it on the side with another guys bag. I had just met him today. So we were kicking the ball around for a while. I returned to my bag and could not find my phone. I asked the guy to call my number (He had his cellphone on him while we were practicing). We called and went straight to voice mail which meant someone had taken it and turned it off. There was this guy I saw running near our stuff a lot earlier. I approached him and asked had he seen my phone or someone near our stuff. He said no, we then asked if he wouldn’t mind opening his stuff so we could check. He made a bit of a deal about it then said we could search.

We came to a conclusion that he did not take it. I am really bummed about getting my phone taken. What is worse is I left my phone unlocked so this person would have access to my phone. I called my service provider and blocked the phone. Then I ordered a new one.That is why I hate living in the Bronx sometimes. Some people here will take anything, given the opportunity.

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Yup. It was an old, flip-top Motorola. I liked it because it was nearly indestructible and cheap to replace. It was a dark and stormy night and we had pulled into a little marina with a dingy bar at the foot of the dock on Matecumba Key. It was late but they were still serving sandwiches and stuff, bar food. There were only about five people inside. My mate and I went up to the bartender, took off our jackets, shook the water off them, draped them over barstools, and ordered. Then we walked over to the pool table about fifteen feet away and shot a game. When our food was ready, we went to the bar to eat and my jacket was gone. His was still there.

They got my phone and a $350 all-weather sailing jacket I’d just bought a few days before in Key West. Nobody knew nothin’ about nothin’. Cops just blew it off, said they’d call me if anything came up. Man, was I pissed. I’ll never go back there again.

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Yeah I have…the douche broke into my car and took the phone, cash and meds. Found the phone case a block away. Cops caught the creep who was a born again loser flopping at a neighbors house….never got the phone back and took 4 months to get the car change and meds back since that was evidence in the losers trial.

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You live in The Bronx and you just left your cell phone out there in the open?! I joke that I lock everything because I was raised by people who were raised in The Bronx. I not only lock all doors and windows automatically I don’t leave my cell phone or purse unattended 98% of the time (I guess once in a very blue moon I do?) and I don’t wear expensive jewelry when I travel and on and on.

No, I’ve never had my phone stolen.

I have accidentally left my purse in a public bathroom along the interstate. I did lose a daytimer one time in a Walmart parking lot. But, in neither case did I purposely leave something expensive out that would tempt the thieves. The purse had over $400, credit cards, two pairs of sunglasses (one was Prada) and someone turned it in, I got everything back. The daytimer had nothing valuable except phone numbers I care about and that someone stole.

Is your phone a smart phone? Can you locate it? My ex boyfriend had his iPad stolen when he accidentally left it in a restaurant and he traced the guy and got it back. I don’t recommend going in person like he did, but he got his iPad back.

Definitely, put a password on it.

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Never had my phone stolen. I’ll keep a close watch if my pocketbook is in my shopping cart in the store and I step away to look at the shelves. Same with a restaurant like Panera – I’ll step away but will be aware and nearby and watching to make sure nobody goes near.

I agree with @JLeslie. You live in the Bronx and left your phone out in the open, unattended? This was in the Bronx when it was stolen?

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Yeah had my truck broke into right in the driveway on a August weekend the neighbour saw the whole thing and they still got away.
I just had the phone cancelled ,didn’t get a thing back and they did about $800 dollars damage to my truck.
And people wonder why I don’t like people.

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^^Had you left the phone out in plain sight?

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Uh No,it was in my work bag along with my paper work and other things I needed for work,personally I think they were attempting to steal the truck when the neighbour saw them they just took the bag instead.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Sorry to hear about that. I am sure someone saw something. Now a days some people will see someone doing wrong and won’t do anything to stop it.

@Cruiser Glad the cops caught the guy that took your stuff.

@JLeslie Glad you and your boyfriend got your stuff back. My cell phone was in my bag, which was placed along side the other guy I was kicking the ball around with. The person might of seen me put my phone in my bag and decided to take it. I usually keep a close eye on my stuff when I play, unfortunately this time I was a bit careless. It was a Samsung Galaxy S5. T mobile is sending me a new upgraded phone in the mail to replace the stolen one. Yeah, you always have to keep an eye on your stuff in the Bronx.

@jca My phone was not out in the open. It was in my bag. The individual might of saw me place it in my bag. My bag was next to the other guy I was practicing with. He had his phone in his hand while playing. I know I should always keep an eye on my stuff. But this is the first times this has happened to me.

@SQUEEKY2 Really sorry to hear that, its really unfortunate.

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I don’t even live in the Bronx, I was just raised by people who were raised in The Bronx.

My husband was born and raised in Mexico City. A shitload of crime happens there. He moved to beautiful Boca Raton, FL and assumed theft wasn’t a problem in such a pretty city in the US. Wrong. Within a few months he was robbed. He left his wallet in plain sight on his car seat. Now, he knows better. I’m glad he was raised in a city that you have to be careful. He locks all of our doors and windows automatically. I have friends where their husband forgets to lock doors and it drives them crazy. Both his sister and he have had cars stolen in beautiful Boca Raton (plus I know two other people I worked with) and her house was robbed, and my house was robbed one town over. I think mine was my roommate’s friends though.

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@JLeslie Sorry to hear that. Sometimes these things happen in the most unexpected places. I have found about 4–5 iphones that people had left behind. Each time I give them back to the owner. Many times at the park I will see people’s cellphones out in plain sight and I would immediately alert them about it so they put it some place safe. Unfortunatley not many people out there have that same mindset. Especially in the Bronx.

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That’s the thing. It’s not so unexpected in Boca Raton. Theft happens way more often then you would think there.

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@JLeslie That is unfortunate. Guess the best thing to do is to keep a closer eye on our belongings.

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