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What's filling your ears and belly today?

Asked by BellaB (6456points) December 25th, 2016

we’ve got your Hannukah, Christmas, Festivus, feast days, Happy Holidays… happening right now.

What are you listening to? what are you eating? do you have special holiday breakfasts? brunch? lunch? dinner? supper? cocktail snacks? what’s on that plate… and what’s helping you groove your way through the day?

as one of my neighbours said yesterday… Happy Day!

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For breakfast today I prepared some pork belly – so crispy and chewy. Had it with fried tomatoes and eggs on zuzu. Listening to random Christmas music on CBC radio. They’ve got a good mix of classical and modern music.

Years back, it became a family tradition to watch Christopher Guest mockumentaries on Christmas Day. Today I will at least watch Best in Show, hopefully Waiting for Guffman and / or A Mighty Wind. I’m saving Spinal Tap to take to my friend’s place to watch/listen when I prep food for her New Years Day party.

I will cook sausages with tomatoes/onions/garlic/peppers later today. We’ll have that with potato burek

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Leftover Porterhouse steak, sauteed mushrooms and onions and enough candy and cookies to sink a battleship. I also have some amazing coconut curry gouda cheese. I turned the bathroom scale around to face the wall this morning. I’m not stepping on that thing for another 2 weeks. haha

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Our Christmas is filled with traditions both Christian and Jewish. Had Swedish pancakes, venison sausage, Lox and Bagels, rewarmed left over Glug, lots of homemade cookies, Swedish sausage, good coffee and lots of love!

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Coconut curry gouda cheese? where was that from @Coloma ?

@Cruiser , that sounds terrific. What makes Swedish sausage Swedish?

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@BellaB From a local market with a gourmet cheese zone. :-)
It’s a Landana Dutch cheese concoction.

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@BellaB The Swedish sausage is traditionally made from ground pork, potatoes and onions and seasonings. Found a butcher this year that offers up a super yum version. Might just have to sell my meat grinder it was that good!

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Today was beautiful outside. We opened all the windows and doors, and the silence was amazing except for a few birds here and there.

We had breakfast out on our back patio, read the local paper from yesterday, then watched some TV, and later took a nap. Total lazy day.

At 5:00 we went to a town square where we live where Scooter the DJ was playing. He’s hysterical. The place was packed. He tells you how to do the electric slide, wobble, he does a pizza dance, a fast food dance. All line dances. All ages get out there and do it. It’s so fun and funny. Some people had on their Christmas shirts and Chanukah menorah hats. It was so warm (warmer than it has been) a lot of people were in shorts and t-shirts so that probably limited how many people could wear holiday stuff.

By 6:30 we left the square, picked up some Chinese take out, and now we’re at home on the couch watching the Steelers play on our DVR, and my Chanukah candles just burned out.

Kind of a typical Jewish Christmas I guess.

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Thanks @Coloma and @Cruiser . I’ve got some food research to do.

@JLeslie , that sounds like a splendid day – I would have liked to have people to dance with today.

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Did I mention the pumpkin cheesecake here? So amazing, help me.

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@Coloma help is on the way! ;)

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@BellaB Dancing is here every night. 3 outside town squares within about 15 minutes apart from each other and always an addition indoor dance going on in the most northern square. Plus, clubs have dances in rec centers various nights of the week. It’s great. The outdoor squares especially if you’re alone it doesn’t matter because there are always other line dancers you can join with. It’s live bands 99% of the time, and people dance in couples, alone, everything. The DJ is just 3–4 days in a month.

Some cities I’ve lived in had Matzah “Balls” at local dance clubs for the Jews, and anyone else who needed a night out in Christmas.

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@Cruiser Call the paramedics. lol

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My sister made a terrific lasagna with three types of meat – beef, pork and pancetta. She also made a panettone bread pudding. Great meal.

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Ears…tinnitus and Diana Krall/Look of Love (on Pandora…) Tummy—coffee…Time is 0644 EST US

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Filling my belly, butterscotch toffee coffee right now after my ears being filled with the sound of 5 horses banging their grain buckets on their gates reminding me that I am 3 minutes late for breakfast. Just got back in and am basking in the warmth of my mug of coffee and the heater.

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This morning I am spending my day off listening to an up and coming blues man Toronzo Cannon and sipping a lovingly made cappuccino….yesh!

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