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Couldn't/ wouldn't a quack tell me to not talk and the phone (hands free or not) while driving?

Asked by flo (10352points) December 28th, 2016

And to not put any kind of smoke in my lungs and on and on the no brainer things? I mean wouldn’t it be the kind of thing he/she would say to sound like not a quack?

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They could but they won’t because they’ll be too busy trying to sell you snake oil.

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By a quack do you mean a doctor? Why would a doctor tell you not to talk while driving? What is the real question here?

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@Lightlyseared A patient or a friend said to him “They’re telling me to stop talking on the phone etc. and to just do the driving only.” And the quack says “That makes sense, I don’t want my child or my mom or…to be a victim of yours…” Whether he is selling snake oil (like some fake cure thing on Dr. Oz) ...

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Well, telling a person to not text and drive or to not smoke is good advice.

Are you asking whether quacks ever give good advice? Anyone can give some good advice without it being proof that they always or usually give good advice.

Are you asking whether good advice is proof that someone is a quack? Anyone can give some good advice and still be a quack in other respects, but it can’t prove that they are a quack.

So, to answer your question, yes, that could happen, but you wouldn’t be able to draw any conclusions from it regarding the “quackiness” of the person speaking.

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What was it about this particular person that would cause you to label him as a “quack?” That was sound advice he gave.

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I NEVER take advice from ducks.

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@snowberry I NEVER take advice from ducks.

Sometimes observation of wildlife (and of nature in general) can produce excellent advice, but I don’t think that is what the OP means.~

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@Strauss Ha! I know. But since the premise of the question is unclear, it’s a perfectly acceptable response.

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Coloma takes advice from ducks. But she’s kind of a quack herself, you know. HA HA! I crack myself up…

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The wording of the question and details is rather confusing. What exactly are you trying to find out?

Do you want to know if anyone (including a quack doctor) can occasionally give good advice?

Do you want to know that if someone gives the aforementioned advice about not talking on the phone while driving and not smoking (which is all good advice in my opinion) that makes that person a quack? If so, why would you think that dispensing good advice would make a person a quack?

Do you think that suggesting to people that they should not talk on the phone while driving, or that people shouldn’t smoke is bad advice? If so why would you think that?

I’m guessing that you possibly think that giving (what appears at first glance as common sense and should be already known to people) advice such as these 2 examples is a waste of time. Is that what you are really wondering about?

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What if my OP went “Could /would a quack…” instead of “Couldn’t or wouldn’t”? That might be a better way of clarifying my OP

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No, it isn’t. Why did you think the person was a quack?

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@flo We’re still not quite sure exactly what you want to know.

It is possible that a “quack doctor” (one that is either not legitimate, or is doling out dangerous or unhelpful advice) could give SOME good advice, along with the bad advice. Sure, that is very possible.

Do you think that telling people not to talk on their phones while driving, or telling people that smoking is dangerous, is reasonable advice? That’s the part I’m having the most trouble with. I’m not sure if you think those 2 activities are bad/dangerous.

I also simply don’t understand the part about the “quack”. What is YOUR definition of a quack?

Are you wanting to know if bad doctors also sometimes give reasonable advice to some people, some of the time?

Or do you want to know if regular (non quack) doctors give advice that seems redundant or possible wrong, to you?

We all want to answer this question, but I know that I am having a hard time figuring out what the actual question is.

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@Kardamom Yeah, I asked her way up there what the real question was. She never answered to where anyone could understand what she was asking.

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And I’ve asked twice why she thought the person was a quack.

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@flo: Is it that you mentioned casually talking on the phone while in the car and you’re curious why the doctor didn’t tell you that you shouldn’t talk on the phone and drive? Maybe, if that’s the case, he didn’t assume you were driving, or maybe he felt you’re an adult and don’t need a lecture.

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Or could he or she have prescribed a bag of Cheetos for your cough? Is that how you knew he or she was a quack?

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Think of a known (worldwide) quack, so we can put away the how do you know he/she is a quack question. And it can be a quack in the common usage, or any kind of poser.

But why wouldn’t every single person (esp.professionals like psychologists doctors) say the thing that the quack said, about everything that’s supposed be a no brainer. I mean his reasoning is perfect, he doesn’t want he/she or his family of friends to die or get injured by a distracted, or impared or driver and /or (fill in the blank, whatever gizzillion things other than driving, that are no brainers?)

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Doctors don’t run through a list of every single thing a person should do! It would take years! Obviously something happened that prompted this doctor to make that comment. What prompted it?

And quit with the guessing games. Just tell us who it is.

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Yeah, I still have no idea what your question is, @flo. Can you just ask the question you want an answer to, instead of trying to generalize it?

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