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Should Electoral College be allowed to vote their conscience?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) December 29th, 2016

Pretty much as asked. But I want to add this past election had a record number of faithless voters for a total of 7. Interesting part is 5 of the 7 voted against Hillary and 2 against Trump. I would love to know how many of the EC members would have voted for someone else than the candidate the were pledged to.

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They are allowed. The worst that can happen to them if they exercise that right is a small fine. I think it’s absurd that a handful of people can enforce their will over the will of the entire country, but I understand its intended purpose. However, if it were ever to serve that purpose, this year would have been the year to do it and it didn’t happen. So I no longer believe the EC will ever fulfill its purpose as envisioned by the founders, and should simply be done away with.

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@Mariah I believe being “allowed” varies state to state. I read in the days leading up to the EC vote, that numbers of EC members were replaced when they said they would not vote for their candidate. With such a heated contest I myself am surprised there were not more defections on both sides.

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Seems like they should either be allowed or abolished. We have enough fake inauthentic representation in our system as it is.

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They can. I’m now wondering what the hell makes the EC tick.

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They are pointless. Waste of money.

I would be mad if they went against my vote…

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I would be mad if they go completely against the people’s vote, like they did this time. WTF is the point of even voting?

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The Electoral College can remain but the electors should be eliminated. Each state is allowed to apportion the electors according to their own set of rules. I would like to see the larger states give their electoral votes to candidates in proportion to the total number of votes.

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@LostInParadise that’s like saying keep the college but get rid of all the students! What’s the point of keeping the EC but getting rid of the electors?

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You make a good point. Get rid of the College and keep the electoral votes for each state, to be allocated according to state law.

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I actually like your idea @LostInParadise with an added twist. Keep the number of vote formula as it stands, but the number of the electoral votes each state gets to cast will be based on the percentage of eligible voters who actually got out and voted. I would also like to get rid of the winner take all and give each candidate their percent of votes which would give a voice to 3rd party candidates. Also have faithless voting unencumbered by party interference or threats of fines.

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