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What do you think about the one state solution for Israel and the Palestinians?

Asked by JLeslie (58948points) December 29th, 2016 from iPhone

Here is a link to Wikipedia

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I think John Kerry has it exactly right.

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There are two possible outcomes to that:
1: The assimilated Palaestinians are granted equal rights, and subsequently Jews become a minority in their own country, making Israel no longer a Jewish state, and with the government, laws, and policies now controlled by a muslim Palaestinian majority, raising the danger of severe retributive action of the muslim majority against the Jewish majority, possibly culminating in a second Holocaust.
2: The assimilated Palaestinians are not granted equal rights, turning them into an oppressed minority, making Israel no longer a Democracy, and in the long run, severely increasing the chances of a bloody civil war.

In conclusion, it is not a solution.

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I agree with @ragingloli.

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I agree with all above^^^^^^^

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I do not believe there will ever be a brokered solution.

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It isn’t a solution.

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There probably will never be a solution, or long term peace. The Israeli army might steam roll all the Palestinians. Doing it during Trump’s presidency would be their best bet. It’s doubtful he would stop them.

Last I read, the Israelis intend to completely destroy them if they are provoked by another large rocket attack. The Iron Dome system seems to be working though, so hopefully that won’t happen.

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The one state solution is the current reality. It is starkly apartheid, indisputably unjust, universally reviled and ultimately untenable.

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I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of Israelis and Palestinians would be able to live side by side without conflict were they given the opportunity.

There is no equitable solution as long as politicians are involved.

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Send the Israelis to the north pole, the Palestinians to the south pole and set up betting on who would be treading water first.

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I believe that something like 75% of Israelis serve in the IDF at some point in their lives. I know that the military generally trains you to not see your enemy as humans but as targets. I think this is likely part of the reason why a piece of shit like Netanyahu keeps getting reelected instead of saner Israelis. It also explains why Israel keeps expanding settlements, bulldozing homes against international law in occupied territories, and then cries victim when the Palestinians rise against them.

I’m not condoning Palestinian violence, however Israel isn’t without blame for fostering hatred towards them. We’re long overdue for cutting off our financial aid to Israel. At the minimum we should have some strings attached, like no more settlement building.

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I don’t think about it. Not anymore. It’s a gordian knot.

The one-state solution would never work (see @ragingloli above). The two-state solution has a chance of working, but niether the Palestinians nor the Israelis can agree on the boundaries.

Neither will compromise where they need to compromise and they are destined for war. It’s important, but I’m done with it. I have better things to do than pondering over people who will not strike a deal for peace and live together. And I feel more and more people are coming to the same conclusion. When it finally blows, the best the rest of the world can do is contain it. If we can’t, then we know who to blame. Fuck ‘em all.

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‘One state’ is not a solution and gives Israel a dilemma. Whether to be Jewish or whether to be democratic as it cannot be both. How acceptable would it be for Trump to declare the United States a Christian country where those of other faiths were denied the vote?

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Hamas and the Palestinian Authority do not acknowledge Israel as a legitimate State in the first place, so in truth it looks like neither a one state, nor a two state solution is possible, unless one of those states is not Israel.

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^^The two state solution is about two sovereign states: Palestine and Israel. This is what has been on the table off and on since 1974. It is presently on the table. But the two sides, as usual, ad nauseum, cannot agree on borders.

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@flutherother I thought Arabs can vote right now?

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They can which is what gives rise to the dilemma. In the one state scenario if the Arabs outvoted the Jews you would no longer have a Jewish state.

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^^Right, that’s how I understood it, I just wanted to make sure I was under the correct impression. They can’t be in the military though right? Maybe some Arabs can? I don’t know. There must be Arabs who are citizens who feel loyal to Israel and want to protect her borders. I think there are several rights the Arab-Israelis don’t have. I don’t know them all. I always hear they are oppressed or treated as an underclass.

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^^ All those questions are answered here

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@gorillapaws It isn’t that the majority of Israelis, or even a plurality of Israelis, voted in support of Netanyahu. It is that the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, has a large number of small, ultra-orthodox parties, which have been cobbled together to make a coalition majority to keep Bibi as Prime Minister.

Netanyahu’s party, Likud, has 30 seats in the Knesset. The next three largest parties have a total of 28 seats, all wanting a two-state solution.

But it takes 61 seats to have a majority, so Likud brokers with the far right. And Likud has to do what parties representing less than 5% wants, or the Government fails

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@flutherother perhaps that is the answer. Do away with, and I don’t mean physically eliminate, the so-called Jewish state; separate religion from governance Kind of like what we have attempted to do here in the US.

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A perfect solution that both sides can agree to. Now we just have to decide who should be put in charge – the Jews or the Arabs.

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Once you put either “in charge”, the other side will no longer agree.

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I just knew there was a catch.

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How about a neutral third party? Maybe the Godless Russians or someone similar.

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@rojo. The Russians aren’t Godless anymore. Putin mended fences with the Orthodox Church as a way to have them help placate the masses.

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Damn…......Then there is no hope, no one without an axe to grind in the spiritual context.

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You could let Google DeepMind do the job. Just let it play a few million rounds of Sim City or something.

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@zenvelo The large number of ultra-orthodox parties didn’t elect themselves. The composition of the Knesset should roughly mirror the composition of the Israeli people’s political beliefs. Do you disagree that having a highly militarized society has effected the perception of the Israeli people?

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