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Can somebody fill the missing line in the song?

Asked by annaoomph (9points) December 30th, 2016

Can somebody fill the missing line in the song “The Temper Trap – Sunday Painter“?
She likes Coffee, black, strong
She looks scared, she stares kind of sad
For a minute I was in her heaven
Can somebody recognize these English words?

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Now I feel her

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Thanks for answers, but at all lyrics websites this line is partly missing :(

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Just a guess:

Now I feel her breaking eggs though…

You could be bold and write to them at their website.

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Try looking for the album insert. They usually have the lyrics.

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It sounds like ‘now I feel her buzz session’ though it makes no sense to me. You can hear it on YouTube at 1:32 minutes in.

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“Now I feel her possession.”

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