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How do you know if breaking up with someone is the right thing?

Asked by monkeybread333 (153points) December 30th, 2016

Where do draw the line between regret and doing the right thing for own yourself respect?

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When you are just about positive you’ll be happier without them.

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When you think about them, do not think about just the good times. Think about the rude times or the times they did not treat you with respect. In time, you will find balance, and the regrets will fade.

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If you are asking this sort of question, then you already know the answer – it’s time to break up.

You just need to internalize the decision.

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If it impacts your self-esteem to stay, then it is time to go. In a healthy relationship you should feel mostly appreciated and feel good about yourself. If the person is constantly degrading you or minimizing your feelings then you aren’t valued. Or if the person simply doesn’t contribute to the relationship and they have the emotional equivalent of a teen. Or if the person is simply an abusive person. Then leave.
Simply put. If you have more things in a relationship that is harmful to you and the person is unlikely to change. Then move on. If you are married and there are children and you simply stop communicating and have life get in the way, then seek counseling before leaving.

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if you’re happier when they aren’t around.

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