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What is the most expensive item you have dropped into a "full" toilet bowl?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) August 6th, 2008 from iPhone

When I go to the restroom, I typically take my ipod touch with me and browse Fluther. I always place it on the sink counter when getting on and off El Toilet… “safe bet” I believe when it comes to possibly dropping it in.

I was in the restroom once at a gas station where this guy came in talking on the phone… it was annoying, and then he dropped his phone in the bowl. Epic!

From the commotion I gathered that he placed it on the front rim of the bowl, stood to wipe and in it went. In a full bowl.

Then, he didn’t want to flush it because he was afraid it would go down the drain… but he didn’t want to get it out because to use it he’d typically put it up to his face.

Anyway. That. Me? I think I dropped some pocket change in the bowl a couple of times… But evidently, we’re not all that lucky. What’s the most expensive item you’ve ever dropped in the toilet?

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A gold brick?

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…another comedy gem.

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What can I say? They just come to me.

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I’ve never dropped anything into a “full” toilet, but when I was little I dropped my favorite stuffed animal in the toilet.

I dropped my camera into a pond two years ago. I never found a suitable replacement.

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I dropped my glasses into an empty toilet bowel just today, I’ve washed like 6 times now, I can’t wear them anymore, they’re tainted.

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Toilet paper.

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I had a pink razr before I had my iPhone. I was at a dance, plus already had a few drinks in me by the time I went to the restroom. Anyway i forgot my cell was in my back pocket and my phone dropped in the toilet.

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The two most valuable things I’ve dropped in the toilet are my previous cellular phone (it wasn’t a cheap one either) and, of course, my DNA.

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A book about sharks when I was 13. I still have it (shocking but true [and slightly yellowed]).

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I pissed off my sister and she grabbed my keys (keychain with car key, house key, etc) and threw it in the toilet. She ruined my cool keychains and I had to drive to work at that same time so I had no choice but to get them.

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I rarely drop things into the toilet. But the most expensive thing I’ve dropped into a toilet were surgical scissors. I’m not a surgeon. I’m not going into the medical field. And I do not recall what I was doing with them, though I have to guess that it was something stupid.

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Pee, poop and paper

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When I was a kid I talked my cousin into letting me flush the toilet while he put his foot in it. I wanted to see if it would suck him down and flush him away. He was the only boy around the girls and was a pest . As soon as I flushed I took off running outside…to get away from the scene of the crime.

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I accidentally swallowed my grillz once and hence ‘dropped’ them in the toilet a few days later. My ho’s didn’t respect me ‘til I got some new ones. True story… Cough.

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My cell phone. Multiple times.

I usually keep it in my pocket, when you’re pantsing yourself or repantsing you don’t always check the position of your phone in your pocket.


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