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If Trump and Putin formed a musical band, what would be a good name for it? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16911points) December 31st, 2016

I’m thinking a power duo. Both sing a lot.

Who would perform better?

Humor, as always is welcome.

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To start. I came up with “Grab em by the Pussy Riot.”

Don’t let that keep you from using either….

So serious lately. Let’s have fun. I know there are creative people here.

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Putin’ on the Shitz
Wolves in Wolves’ Clothing
Tsars and Tsars Alike
Tsars for Fears
The DICKtators

I could go on and on…

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Bad and Badder
Deadly Duo
Nightmare Pair

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@LostInParadise came close:

Vlad and Bladder.

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The Tsar and the Don
Beastly Boys
Hair and Goon
Public Enemy Too

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The moody booze
The cranks
Old guns

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The Commies.

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Pootin’ Trumpets.

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I was going for Pussy Riot too.


Death Cab for Cheeto

Guns ‘N Guns

Das Vydania

Moose and Squirrel

Apocalypse Now

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Inspired by @Dutchess_III ‘s post:

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Big Daddy Vladdie and His Bitch Boy

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Russian Trumpettes ( rhymes with Russian Roulette )

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The Billionaires
Simply Red
Donny and Vlad
Hacked Off.

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Dangerous Lliaison

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Ribald and rouble

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Simply Orange.

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Ahhhh. Had some good laughs so far. Keep it up. The holidays have been bleak.

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The Go Nads
Azz Kikkerz
The Guess What
Raised By Wolves
Mega Playas
Tess Toss Tayrone

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@janbb You made me laugh too hard.

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The King and Ivan

The Flu and Diarrhoea

The Asshats

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Are They Smarter Then a Fourth Grader ?

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Now I am confused @Tropical_Willie are we still talking about Putin and Trump or the people that voted for them?

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Putins tootins.

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Hey Mr. Putin go blow your Trumpet.

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Two Story Outhouse

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Vodka & Orange

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Trans-Siberian Oligarchs

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@ucme . I used to drink screwdrivers as a teen. Before I could legally purchase /choose my alcohol. It’s interesting because if I had a quarter for every time I vomited from it I’d be rich. Similarly, I get nauseous thinking about Trump and Vladimir….

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