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Are you supposed to wear pants under snow pants when skiing?

Asked by XiaoMandyX (128points) December 31st, 2016

I’m new to skiing, but I’m wondering if I’m supposed to wear pants under ski pants, or just thermals. If it’s just thermals, does that mean I’m stuck wearing ski pants all day since I don’t want to bring a change of clothes to the mountain. Is that normal?

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You don’t wear other pants under most ski pants, other than thermals (if needed) or underwear. The exception is if you wear a “shell”, a thin layered water proof covering you pull over your regular pants.

Yes, people that go skiing for the day wear their ski clothes in the car. You’ll see them at gas stains on the highway to the ski resort, wearing ski pants and sweaters.

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It’s wise to prevent your snowballs from freezing & no, i’m not taking the piste.

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You need to take a change of clothes with you.

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Wear some colorful Yoga pants under your ski pants…should work at most any ski lodge after you are done on the slopes.

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I used to just wear my long under wear, I miss skiing but my arthritis in my knees put an end to that.

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Depends on how cold it is.

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@Cruiser I was supposed to go skiing on Tuesday for a day trip with my daughter but a winter storm is coming in and it’s supposed to be blizzard conditions up there. I’m going to stay home and go to a movie instead.

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