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How will you be spending your New Year's Eve?

Asked by LornaLove (9931points) December 31st, 2016

I haven’t decided how I will be spending mine, but traditionally I treat it as just another day. How will you be spending your New Year’s evening?

Add as much or little as you like!

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The best way I know: At an annual party socializing with good friends and enjoying good music, a delicious buffet, a fun game (LCR), and great conversation with hopefully a dearth of Trump talk.

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Close friends & immediate family, playing daft board games etc. a drink or three & much fun to be had in great company.

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annoyed at all the noise outside. fireworks should be banned, and violators killed.

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I am going with my daughter to visit a couple that we’re friends with. They have two daughters, one a few years younger than my daughter and one a few years older. I suspect my daughter will be tired as she was up very late into the morning playing with her tablet.

I am going to drink my coffee now and run to Costco to get some contributions – cheese, crackers, fruit, maybe shrimp.

I was up early and then went back to sleep, and now it’s after 11 in the morning so I’m running late, drinking coffee. Want to run to Costco to hopefully beat the crowds.

We’ll probably leave the gathering not longer after the New Year.

I like this family a lot but I’d be just as happy to stay home. I guess I’m at the age where staying home is a wonderful thing. I really appreciate nights where I don’t have to go out and I don’t have to get up the next morning (like Saturday nights in the house).

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Actually going to a big bash at a local hotel tonight with friends. First time in a long time I’m doing a traditional New Year’s Eve type thing. One of our favorite local musicians is singing and there’ll be a cocktail style supper. What was I thinking?

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In the city, with my friend and company from college. My cousin will join us too maybe. We are going to the concert.

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In solitude. Beautiful, peaceful solitude. I have 1 beer in the fridge and I might break it open.

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Eating latkes.

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We are going to one of our best friend’s house. There’s going to be lots of people there because he has two housemates who are each also having friends over. Matt never gets drunk but we’re thinking we’ll sleep over anyway because we wanted to hang with this friend tomorrow anyway and because there will be drunk people on the road. But the party sounds like it might be a bit of a rager and I’m not sure I’m super up to that, so we could end up leaving early. Playing it by ear.

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@janbb What was I thinking?

That librarian thing you all do. When you take off your glasses and shake out your hair.

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Meh…..swaddled in a blanket dozing off.

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Party at my place

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@Call_Me_Jay There will be no pics when that happens!

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I celebrated last night with a friend and 4 neighbors. Am feeling quite woozy this morning.
My friend just left after spending the night and it is now 11:18 a.m. PST
We imbibed in quite a lot of wine and decadent food, yes, quite a lot of wine. haha

Cooked my famous chicken pepper “steak” sandwiches for everyone, baked chicken breast on a sweet french roll slathered in sauteed red, yellow and orange bell peppers & onions with melted Provolone cheese served with a marinated cucumber, black olive and grape tomato salad and home made stuffing. Everyone raved and then my friend and I stayed up late watching a comedy and drinking more wine. Today is cold and slightly rainy with possible snow coming the next couple days and I am doing no-thing. Well, I must go out for cat food at some point as yet undetermined. lol

Yep, was quite the party and I am looking forward to a cozy day and night enjoying the leftovers and more cookies, candy and cake. Tomorrow all the sugary leftovers go straight in the trash and I’m back on the healthy eating track. It’s been a food orgy for weeks now.
Happy New years fellow Jellies may the new year treat you well!

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Just had a quick nap, and dreamed that I drowned a wild dog in a washing basin in the cellar, then squeezed it out like a water gun.
I have the best dreams.

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baked chicken breast on a sweet french roll slathered in sauteed red, yellow and orange bell peppers & onions with melted Provolone cheese served with a marinated cucumber, black olive and grape tomato salad

Oh my. Taking notes…

@Coloma There is a locally popular ‘Italian Beef’ sandwich that none of my health-conscious friends would eat. I will be looking for an opportunity to wow them with your made-from-fresh alternative.

Your marinated salad is like the bottled giardiniera which is a staple here.

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Hanging back at the homestead and have an open door invitation to all our friends and neighbors to come on by tonight. Getting the stage set in the basement for some serious jamming with my boys and fireworks and other forms of mayhem at midnight. Happy New Years Jells.

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@Call_Me_Jay The secret ingredient is to saute the veggies with and sprinkle the chicken breasts with smoked Paprika. Also a little onion powder and white pepper. :-)
The steak version is great too but if you’re not a red meat type the chicken is as good or maybe even better. I use a blush wine vinegarette on the salad, let it marinate for about 30 minutes at room temp for maximum flavor.

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Playing card games with my husband, sons and daughter.

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First time in years I am going to a private NYE party at someon’s house. Should be fun bu t low key. The hosts are a nice couple but I am not very close to them.

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Just another evening here but I will stay up late to see in the New Year.

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^^don’t open the door to penguins who come calling.

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I don’t have to, they squeeze in and out through the cat flap.

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I’m going out for the first time in forever and it makes me so happy. My husband and I are going to a drag show…woohooo 2017!

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We are hanging around the house, couple of bottles of bubbly in refrigerator. Wife took a nap so maybe she’ll make to midnight.

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@anniereborn Have you ever seen the Robin Williams movie ‘The Bird Cage”? One of my favorites, he and his partner own a drag show nightclub and try to conceal that fact and their gay relationship to their sons fiances uber conservative political family. Hilarious!

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In bed, sick. Trying to stop this cold from turning into pneumonia.

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@filmfann Feel better soon!

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@filmfann Yes, i hope you feel better son. Something wicked has been going around here too but I have escaped it. You’re over 50 right? Maybe consider the flut shot and pneumonia shots. Got my 1st pneumonia vacc. this year at my docs urging.

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Home playing on the computer, Mrs Squeeky has to work,but will have a couple of glasses of Yukon Jack.

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@filmfann Soon…not “son.” haha

@SQUEEKY2 Happy New Year, whoo, Yukon Jack, get down with yo’ bad self. :-D

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Thanks @Coloma back at ya, an old co worker turned me on to Yukon Jack it’s not bad .

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I’ll be clocking in in about an hour. Big show. Lots of people. Got some decent guys with me tonight. We should make it to next year without getting stabbed I hope.

Everyone drink one for me. I’ll be celebrating around 3AM….

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@MrGrimm888 At a glance I read your posting as “I’ll be croaking in about an hour. Whew…glad that was a mis-read. Double take. Nobodys croaking tonight I hope haha

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Very low key evening. We went out for a meal, then to the cinema (to see Allied), then home by 10pm, a swim in the pool, watched some TV, watched the fireworks, went to bed.

Happy New Year to everyone. May 2017 be everything you hope for.

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On the TV channels surfing and with two liters of egg nog

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Went swimming earlier – wanted to do something that makes me feel really good as a signal to the new year.

Set and I took the little dog on the public transit/ Mickey D’s adventure. I asked to have double pickles on my burger – I think they were feeling the spirit of the season and gave me 8 pickle slices! so sour and so good.

Home now, playing on the computer, eating PC white cheddar popcorn and reviewing what I need to take to my friend’s tomorrow to make the root vegetable mash for her brunch – and to change into after I’ve finished cooking and decorating at her place.

Feeling mellow :)

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You won’t believe it, but I… don’t do anything.

New Year is just a day off in my country. It doesn’t have that much significance other than some wishes and people with time in their hand going out. The real “New Year” is a month away, and that will be something. For now I’m just enjoying my day off without any guilt and prepare for the test after New Year. Aaaaargh!

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May the days ahead be very good ones.

From a quiet place in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone.
G’Night and see you next year.

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@Coloma . No croaking tonight. My men and I made it with not too many problems. Glad it’s over…

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For the first time in at least a decade, I spent it at home like just another night because my best friend was unavailable. It wasn’t so bad.
Except I regret watching ‘Princess Kaiulani’, that turned out to be the opposite of a celebratory, hopeful film.

Happy New Year everyone, may it be joyful and successful for everyone.

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