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Upload photos to facebook mobile with an lg shine?

Asked by courtneyxcupxakes (33points) August 6th, 2008

I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this. I have activated facebook mobile and all that jazz. Luckily I have a mac so I can just bluetooth everything to my computer, but my pc friends aren’t that lucky.

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Facebook moble uploads are handled through “mobile messages.”
Facebook will tie your phone number to your account. To make the connection, you must visit this site
(Sorry if the link doesn’t work. Alternate method: the help portion has a link under the moble uploads section)

When you want to upload a picture, send a message to Any caption should go in the subject line.

As for the method of sending the actual message, I cannot help you (sorry). I don’t have a Shine. Try looking through any documentation that came with the phone.

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first you have to go into your phone book and place in as an email for a friend or as it’s own contact..
then you go to you picture itself under > media>graphics and pics. choose your pic and send to the contact ( then they will send you a confirmation number… go onto facebook. clich the photo icon at bottom of screen. then choose mobile photos. go to bottom of page. click (enter confirmation number) do so and then your sent. every pic afterwards you do the same thing you just don’t have to enter in confirmation code every single time :)

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