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What are some ways you can make up the time lost to a loved one when you are unable to attend?

Asked by Lettish (7points) December 31st, 2016

For clarification : New Year’s will be here in a few hours. My girlfriend would like me to spend it with her but the past 2 New Year’s I have not spent with my family (both of which were my fault). Ergo, I feel I owe them this New Year’s. They deserve it.
Now, do I simply speak with my girlfriend and explain to her I cannot spend it with her and the reasoning why? And if so, what do you propose I can do to make it up to her?

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Why can’t you have your girlfriend with you when you spend it with family?

that’s what I would do. If NYE is that important in your culture, choosing family over girlfriend would be a reason for her to break up with you.

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You’re trying to figure this out now? Isn’t it a bit late? To answer the question, I would Skype or Facetime with her at midnight and take her out for an elegant brunch tomorrow.

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Good idea to spend it with both girlfriend and family. Is that not possible? Why did you leave this decision until the 11th hour?

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Does she think you are going to spend it with her and you are just now breaking it to her? If so, I don’t see how you can make this up.

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This may not end well.

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Please let us know how it worked out. Did you Skype/FT? Did you send a text at midnight?
What will you do today or tomorrow? Brunch?
You need to do something one way or the other.
Good luck. And Happy New Year.!

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You can never make up lost time, for any reason… Each and everyone of us has 24 hours each and every day… Our job is to make every minute count because once that minute is past, we’ll never be able to retrieve it…. Love the one your with, and make sure your words are true.

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