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Which celebrity will be the first to die in 2017?

Asked by elbanditoroso (23707points) January 1st, 2017

2016 was a horrible year for celebrity deaths.

Who will start the 2017 cohort?

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You can’t be serious..Who can predict that?

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Ah, the Death Pool. A bit morbid for my tastes.

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Ahh…an Irish horse race….place your bets.

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Now that Drumpf has been appointed F├╝hrer, I think the first to vanish will be the so-called “oath keepers”.

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For S&G, I just added three…..

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Who knows but…we have had the first death here. Last night at about 10pm heard the horses going nuts and went out with my flashlight, heard something big crashing through the trees and this morning our big, beautiful rooster “Herman” had been ripped through the fence and alas, Herman is no more. We have a Mtn. Lion on the prowl that has nabbed a goat and other small livestock in a couple mile radius here in recent months.

RIP Herman. He had a wonderful pan of leftover stuffing last night, so whatever got him, literally got a stuffed bird. RIP Herman.

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Well..Oh shit. I just googled to get an idea….and freaking Father Mulcahy died yesterday. Shit. :(

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Either Kirk Douglas or Queen Elizabitch II

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Wow. Kirk Douglas turned be 100 last year. Wow.

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Hopefully Donald Trump
Bill Cosby

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It’s sad to think about, but Queen Elizabeth has been reported to be in poor health. I was kinda hoping she’d hold out until Prince Charles kicked off… but them’s breaks.

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Olivia Mary de Havilland is also 100 yikes! Here’s a list of possible contenders.

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Miley Cyrus or Barney.

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OMG, having finally gotten through such a depressing year for so many of us, can’t we take a few moments to savor a bit of hope the new one offers !!! ???

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“kicked off” don’t think a temper tantrum would necessarily kill him

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^^Let’s see. Trump is 70 years old, high strung, temperamental , and prone to highly emotional attacks when citicized. He has lived a very priveleged life up to now. Even with his vast business experience, both winning and losing, he has never come under the pressure and criticisms a POTUS must endure. He definitely is a candidate for a cardiovascular event.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Trump will be the first sitting President whose hair doesn’t grow gray overnight…it will just get oranger and oranger.

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*more orange

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I was referring to the earlier post about Prince Charles :D

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Yep, Trump is in the running for spontaneous combustion, I’d agree. Heart attack or maybe just a giant aneurism to flip his wig. haha

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