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What do the (former) diplomats that were thrown out of the US do when they get back to Russia?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30009points) January 1st, 2017

The US tossed 35 people out of the US yesterday as a retaliation for Russian spying, hacking, and interference in the US election process.

Presumably these 35 people had some sort of productive job with the Russian embassy or consulate.

Now they get back to mother Russia – what do these people do for a living? Are they sent to another country? Are they drummed out of the Foreign Service? Are they shot?

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Don’t know but they will probably get top housing and Vodka rations, for a good job.
Maybe go to work in the “backroom” where the hacking comes from.

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Gulag, for failing the Motherland.

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Transferred to another embassy where they can start to play the game again. It’s all a game.

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Start packing for their flight back to the US on Jan 21 and the dinner in their honor at the White House.

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If they actually make the flight, then they’ll do as @Call_Me_Jay suggests. If Putin really wants to rub 0bama’s nose in this mess, then I don’t see any reason they can’t take a short trip to the “sanctuary city” of New York City for a three-week vacation … and then dinner at the White House as they re-take their former jobs.

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^^^ @CWOTUS That’s not how it works. In the United States or Canada, a sanctuary city is a city that has adopted a policy of protecting undocumented immigrants by not prosecuting them solely for violating federal immigration laws in the country in which they are now living illegally They lost the diplomatic status.

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Given that Putin hasn’t retaliated (which is pretty unusual – standard practice would have been to expel US diplomats from russia on principle) and Trump has taken Putins side, if the trump administration were to allow the expelled diplomats to return it could be taken to mean Russia had hacked the election and that Trump knew about it.

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That is perhaps the most ludicrous comment that I’ve heard to date, @Lightlyseared, on the topic of “Russia hacked the election” and Trump in general, and this has been a season – and a forum – for ludicrous comments, for sure. I’m no fan of Trump, Putin or Russian politics, but that “reasoning” is a stretch. Congratulations, anyway, for the magnificence of that nonsense. One hopes that you never sit on a jury, with that command of logic.

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They will probably all get Hero of the Russian Federation medals (the equivalant of the Order of Lenin during the Soviet era.) and either retired or will be woking within the GRU in Russia as desk jockeys or teachers. They are too exposed now to be reassigned abroad.

Some of these same people were working in the Russian embassy in Kiev, Ukraine when the Ukrainian election was hacked in May, 2014. It’s not their first rodeo.

It’s beyond me why the American news agencies and public isn’t mor appauled by the hacking of their own elections. They’ll do 24/7 broadcasts for weeks when a retired football star kills his girlfriend in LA, but when it comes to a direct and deep threat to the very core of their politcal system, they give it harly any airtime at all in comparison. You people should be compaining abou this.

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@CWOTUS no the most ludicrous comment was the one about the US ignoring its own laws, treating them like asylum seekers before letting them back in for the inauguration dinner. Why would Trump invite low level Russian diplomats to that? Well, unless they were actually the hackers the got him elected.

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OMFG, it’s now being compounded.

Surely you have some proof of this assertion, @Espiritus_Corvus, that “some of these same people” were working in the Russian embassy in Kiev. At least that’s a falsifiable hypothesis, and you speak like someone who knows the actual names of the diplomats / spies that you assert. So let’s have that out for an airing – if you know the names of the Ukrainian diplomats / spies / hackers and the names (or false identities) of those whom 0bama has summarily dismissed.

And what, after all, is the story behind the “hacking of the election”? What are the details of what was done, supposedly by “the Russians”? It has always seemed to me that it was the DNC whose email system was phished and compromised (not hacked), and DNC dirty laundry aired. What, please, was “the hack”?

I’m more appalled by the hacking of our own language by its owners, frankly.

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@CWOTUS Ask Trump he says he knows more than anyone else, he just said that !

He ‘knows things’ others don’t about Russia hacking scandal.

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The 13-page joint :NCCIC and FBI report released 29 Dec. 2016.(pdf) is the first such report ever to attribute malicious cyber activity to a particular country or actors.

“Both groups (GRU units APT28 and APT29) have historically targeted government organizations, think tanks, universities, and corporations around the world. ”

And you don’t think that these highly specialized hackers weren’t involved in the Ukraine election hacking? Shit. That was just a practice game in the run-up for the world series.

More NCCIC and FBI reports will follow.

Group allegedly behind DNC hack reportedly behind Ukraine, report finds

If Americans would stop relying on those entertainment shit-shows put on by what you call the US news media for information, and instead go to the sources of the news and to outside sources for reports on those sources, you might be better informed as to what is going on in your own country and the world—and be able to separate the hype from reality.

When are Americans going to get it through their skulls that their domestic news media is more interested in ratings than delivering the news? What you are getting is Entertainment and Biased Hyperbolic Commentary, not News.

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It has always seemed to me that it was the DNC whose email system was phished and compromised (not hacked), and DNC dirty laundry aired.

RNC email was compromised, too. But not much from the Republicans was released, because the goal was to embarrass Democrats and help Putin’s boy win the election.

August 12, 2016 – A website tied to the hacking scandal of the Democratic Party has now posted a small batch of leaked emails from Republican campaigns and state GOP staffers.

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@Espiritus_Corvus you had said “some of these same people”, which implied a level of personal / named specificity somewhat higher than “the same people”, which could have meant “the Russian government in general”. Are you now taking that specificity back?

Look, I don’t doubt for a second that the Russians (and the Chinese, and the British, Israelis, French, and any other country with a credible offshore espionage system) wants to surreptitiously learn what they can about our government systems, processes, personnel … and influence things in their favor if they can. We do it, too – everywhere. (Sometimes it’s not even clandestine, as the likely illegal ways that Barry tried to influence the last round of elections in Israel.) But that’s how major country politics is played. No one is “hands off” the other guys’ elections. (And I do find it interesting that no one has said much of anything about the Saudis financing nearly 20% of Clinton’s record-breaking campaign spending. I wonder what the thread would be like if half of that cash had gone to Trump’s campaign instead.)

The difference we’re seeing in this discussion, though, is the attempt to smear Trump – since he obviously benefited from whatever was done to help the DNC shoot themselves in the feet during our national election – and to assume without any evidence that he “must have been in bed with the Russians.”

I’m no fan of Donald Trump, but I’m even more opposed to lynchings than I am to him.

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Trump openly sides with Putin against the US government. He explicitly called for more Russian hacking into Democrat’s email.

They don’t have to secretly make plans together to be working on the same team. Putin and Trump publicly back each other.

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Poor Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave about the President elect, siding with Putin.

Probably 25 RPM!

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