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How would you react if made part of "Gag for laugh" pranks?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) January 2nd, 2017

Have you faced it before? If so how did you handle it? If not what might be your response?

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Might want to clean up the question a little….

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No @imrainmaker and I don’t know what “Gag for laugh” pranks are. Perhaps this is meaningful to those in the US, but it means nothing to me so I can’t even compare with something here.

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I think he’s referring to practical jokes. Not sure what he’s trying to ask though. Is he asking if we have ever been on the receiving end of one?

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@Dutchess_III he is asking about what you would do if you realized you were a “victim” of a practical joke video or TV show.

To answer the question, I really don’t know, but I think I would stop being angry and crack some joke back to the crew. The situation was already really awkward anyway.

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I would laugh. On April Fools day one year, I came home. I turned the water on at the kitchen sink and found my son had taped the handle of the sprayer down! Face full of water!
He wound up with cornflakes in his bed that night.

THIS year is going to be GREAT! We’re going to get him over here on a pretext, and while he’s distracted one of us is going to tape the giant big bubble wrap things on his back tires! Can’t wait!

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Don’t prank me. I usually don’t find it funny.

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I’d probably laugh. I laugh when I watch it, so it would seem fair to laugh as a victim as well. It’s not like anyone will deliberately hurt or insult you with a prank.

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It depends on the joke. I’ve seen some pretty brutal stuff on video that people think are jokes, like telling the victim that their spouse or child was killed in an auto accident or something to that effect. If anyone ever did that to me, I’d start with the joker first, then work my way through the cameraman and crew. That is not funny and I would let them know that, live and in living color—with the metal leg of a tripod.

On the other hand, if someone convinced me that I had won the Powerball lottery for a few minutes, I would laugh.

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I loathe the ones where they tell the children that they ate all of their Halloween candy. I just don’t see how anyone can laugh when the “joke” causes a child such extreme distress. There was one that someone posted where a guy, 17 or 18, was pretending he couldn’t see his 6 year old sister. She was in tears. How could anyone find that funny?

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^^That’s what I’m talking about, and that’s why I won’t watch that shit anymore. It just reminds one daily that they live in an increasingly sadistic and bullying society. It’s depressing to watch that shit.

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^^Exactly. It’s not funny to make fun of someone, embarrass them, or cause them anxiety. Especially, children. I’ve never understood it. It’s mean or lying (until you correct it). When I was a teenager boys used to call me gullible. I thought it was pretty awful Boys would lie just to see if I’d believe something. I didn’t understand (still don’t) why that’s even a thing.

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I really enjoy good practical jokes though. My son was a master. One time I turned on the ceiling fan and suddenly the air was full of flying Furbees. He had a bunch of them and he’d put them all on the fan!
We used to have a couple of mannequins that sat out side of a local bar. One time I came home from work and and there was a damn mannequin hand on the coffee table! It just unscrewed. I yelled for my son, told him he needed to return it because the mannequin can’t drink beer without her hand!
He did eventually return it, after about a week of it popping up in insane places. On my pillow, in my seat in the car, in the knife drawer…..twerp.
I can NOT wait until April Fools this year! Gonna get him good!

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^^@Dutches_III – Where did your son get this trait or his father..)

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Both, I think! I never knew what his dad was going to come up with. One time our oldest, who was about 6 at the time, was explaining what the different smelly markers were. When they came out, in the 80’s, orange ones smelled like oranges, red ones smelled like strawberry, etc.
Well, she got to the brown one and said, “And this one is buffalo!”
“Buffalo?!” I said.
“Yes. Buffalo. Dad knows all the markers.”
I left it alone because it was funny.
BUT, FYI, buffaloes smell like chocolate.

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