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In Fried Green Tomatoes, how could Missus Otis be Sippsy's baby sister?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42477points) January 2nd, 2017

The math isn’t adding up. Sippsy was 70, at least, in the 30’s when the show was set.
Iggy was in her 20’s.
Fast forward to the 80’s when parts of the show are filmed. Iggy is 85, and stayed with Missus Otis in the retirement home to keep her company, until she died. This indicates they were about the same age.
What am I missing?

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It’s been awhile since I read the book so I’m taking your summary at face value. Maybe they were half-sisters? Two people can have the same dad and be very far apart in age.

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Well, there were a few scenes that showed a little girl, about 7 or so. I assumed it was Big George’s daughter. I think Big George was Sippy’s son. She would have been 20 years younger than Iggy. I just don’t see how a 75 year old woman could have a 7 year old sister.

Is the book better than the movie? They usually are.

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Ohhh you’re going by the movie. Yeah a lot of shit doesn’t make sense in the movie, including the way they strongly imply at the end that Ninny Threadgoode was secretly Iggy the whole time at the end. They’re two completely separate characters in the book. The book is much better, fantastic, I highly recommend.

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I don’t think Sipsey was really all that old in the 1930’s. She wasn’t even 20 years older than her son Big George. However, she did have a hard life as a black woman in the Deep South. But, I think Cycely Tyson, who was born in 1924, was picked for the role Sypsey because she is a great actress, and her advanced age may have given you that impression.

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Well, Big George was at least 40, right? Older than Idgy. And was that 7 or 8 year old girl who was in a few key scenes Missus Otis?

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I don’t know how old George was. My impressions come from the book, although I’ve seen the film once. In the book, it seemed to me George was between 20 and 25. That would put Sipsey anywhere from 12 to 20 years older because poor black people in the South generally started having their babies at a very early age. But it was a long time ago since I saw the movie or read the book and I may be wrong.

There are a lot of inconsistencies in the movie that are solved by reading the book. I don’t think the movie was meant to be over-anylised beyond setting the quickly disappearing flavor of small-town southern culture, the love and affection expressed between between the two main characters, and the murder mystery. The book goes into a lot more detail.

Fanny Flagg was a great Southern writer and addressed some awfully taboo subjects in her books, within the context of her time. One could say she was heroic in that respect.

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I can’t wait to read it.

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