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I hate my mind, can I fix it?

Asked by jtvoar16 (2171points) August 6th, 2008 from iPhone

I want to forget things. Like they did in the movie, Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind. Can I do that? Oh and don’t say do drugs, they randomly destroy your mind. I don’t want that… Yet.

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“Learn to deal with it” is the best advice I can give.

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You could try meditation. Or else talk to a psychologist, or someone who might have a better understanding of what you’re going through.

Drugs don’t “randomly destroy your mind,” but it would be a bad idea to use them as a way to escape your problems.

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I also recommend meditation. It’s a hard road of self discovery, but the side effects can be wonderful.

I also find that spending some time alone with nature does wonders for my mental health. Go hang out in a forest for a couple of days and see how you feel.

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There is a way to place more emphasis on certain thoughts and memories than others, so that you have an easier time recalling them later. Perhaps you could use such a technique to place so much emphasis on new thoughts and memories, that you can no longer recall the old ones?

Personally, I have no idea how or if it actually works, so it could go either way. But, we live in a wonderful world where psychologists always have open schedules, and the library almost always has something relevant, so you’re bound to find something.

Good luck, regardless :]

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Hypnosis maybe

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It’s your thoughts you hate, not your mind. That’s more than an academic distinction. Thoughts (including memories) have no power unless we give them that power. Otherwise, they simply come and go. They only hang around and plague us if we favor them with our attention.

Meditaion is all about see how this works first-hand.

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I wonder if it’s your inner critic that is driving you crazy. If it is, I recommend writing it out, journal-style. I do that often these days, in a dialogue format. Very effective for me. My thoughts stop driving me crazy.

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Crap, let me try that last sentence again
Meditation is all about seeing how this works first-hand.

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Listen to Pink Floyd – helped at a time when i was convinced that i had a lunatic in my mind

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@mirza: Same story here.

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