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Any movies coming out in 2017 that you're excited to watch?

Asked by antemortem (32points) January 4th, 2017

If so, which ones?
The only one I’m interested in is the Star Wars movie.

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The emoji movie.
excited to see it crash and burn and fail

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The Blade Runner sequel.
Logan, which looks like a variation of Old Man Logan, a Wolverine/ X-Men comic.

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John Wick2, Alien Covenant and The Dark Tower

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Blade Runner 2049 and Trainspotting 2.

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Trainspotting 2.
Sherlock: The Final Problem.
I Am Not Your Negro.
A Quiet Passion
The Snowman
Red Sparrow

These all look interesting so far.

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Hidden Figures looks fantastic.

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What’s that about @Mariah? I can’t believe how many good films I missed this year. I really should make a list and put potential films to see in my calendar.

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I’m looking forward to Logan.

I’m tentatively curious about Blade Runner 2049 (I’m a fan of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and I’m not sure how cool I am with Deckard being a Replicant.)

Not much of anything else tickling my fancy.

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