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Is this back issue serious?

Asked by SergeantQueen (10692points) January 4th, 2017

I have pain in my lower right back. In certain sitting positions it is hard for me to get a full breath, it feels constricted. It feels uncomfortable to walk. It’s not a serious pain, more uncomfortable than anything but the pain is still there. When I sit straight, it hurts more than it does if I slouch. I have a small issue with my spine being bent weird, but the doctor said the spine issue isn’t something to worry about. Could it be because of the spine? or did I just possibly sleep weird? Thank you.
Quick Edit: This has been happening for a couple days.

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See a doctor if you think it is important and severe.

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Keep in mind that your kidneys are in your lower back. If you have any urinary changes,or weight gain, you should get some blood work. Especially if you recently started new meds.

Probably just a sprain….

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Prolly sciatica, but it could be pleurisy. Check with Dr. to be sure. A 50-dollar X-ray will rule out the latter.

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First step for me would be to visit a chiropractor. Simple adjustments are very helpful, and it’s completely possible that you could just have something out of place.

When I went in with something similar, I was told to roll up and duct tape two towels. Put one vertically along your spine, and put the other horizontally beneath your neck. Lay your arms in a T position and breathe or just chill for 10 minutes a day,
Try both for about a week. Chiropractics first- they’ll tell you if it’s something more than posture or placement.

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Chiropractors are not doctors.

I would consult a physician first if it comes to it.

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