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Do you take selfies?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42477points) January 4th, 2017

I have never taken a selfie.

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Yes, but rarely keep them. I take terrible pictures.

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No you don’t!

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My avatar is a selfie

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I’ve never taken one.

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Yes, every once in a great while. Usually when I am somewhere distinctive and no one is around to take a picture (like when I ran across the Brooklyn Bridge).

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In all my life I’ve taken TWO…back when I first got a camera phone. I was HOTT! :-)

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Rarely, mostly to use as Facebook profile photos but few end up evading the trash because I’m not often satisfied with how I look in photographs.

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I rarely manage to get myself into the frame so I’ve given it up.

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I tried to but given up after couple of times..I let others do that work for me..)

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Never. I avoid taking photos.

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Nope- I don’t even take mefies.

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I have, but I used a real camera. Old school! One type of camera, a Minolta that had a timer. Another time I set up a mirror, held the camera if front of me so I could see light backwards through the viewfinder in the mirror with myself properly framed in the mirror, and clicked the shutter.

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No. A selfie by definition is a pose, and I look awful in posed photos.

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No. I either have trouble aiming properly or I feel like I look awful. If I want a photo of myself I usually have someone else take it.

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Almost never of just me, but sometimes I take selfie pictures with me and a dog or cat. It’s easier to get that picture if I crouch down on the floor with the critter.

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You’re kidding, right!? I don’t take pictures with the cell. I have the camera lens covered with electrical tape on my phone (flip phone) and my laptops. Microphones too. Plus they are disabled.

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We have staffies for that…not the dog

antemortem's avatar

Yeah, a couple of times. I stopped after I realized I looked like a troll on meth…

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Like @Cruiser, my avatar is a selfie.

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Why would anyone want to know that? If anyone wanted to know if people took selfies they can scour the Net until they run into them.

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@MollyMcGuire what do you mean, “You’re kidding, right!?”

Ha ha @Jaxk!

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<<<< That is one of me & my daughter but she took it, kind of makes it a “delfie”

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