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Is it possible to escape this room? (episode 2)

Asked by Ltryptophan (11055points) January 4th, 2017

You make it through room one miraculously. The door slams shut, and the water runs down a drain in the floor where you’re standing. You are now standing on a platform overlooking a room 20 ft long by 20 feet wide by 50 feet deep. The floor of the platform is 20 by 10. It’s just a 3 inch thick steel plate built directly into the structure of this building. It’s 10 feet to the ceiling standing on the platform. On the platform with you is an empty plastic 55 gallon drum. Starting at the edge of the platform is uncooked rice.

On the platform is a diagram. It shows a human figure standing on the platform reading the diagram. The diagram is a bisection of the room. The rice is shown going all the way to the bottom of the room where a door is represented with an exit button.

Can you escape?

There is no water from the prior room. You still have your ice axe…

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The drains don’t fit rice…. they disappeared after the water drained off.

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You grab the drum and put it upside down over your head. Step onto the rice directly above the door handle. As you sink in, push the rice to the outer edge of the drum. You will sink under the surface of the rice. When you can reach the door handle, open the door.

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The room is completely full of uncooked rice all the way to the platform?

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Yes, correct.

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The angle of repose for rice is about 37 degrees. Use the axe to cut up the drum into s couple of hand shovels. Start moving the rice from one side of the room to the other stacking it until the angle is met. This will get you down closer to the door. Repeat procedure on thr sides of the room. This will give you a cone leading to the door. At this point you can just dive down to the door and get out since the weight of rice over yhe door will not be enough to immobilize you.

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I don’t think I can quite picture what the situation is. Is it that we’re on a 3” steel platform which is 10’ below the ceiling? And the platform 10’ x 20’ overlaps the room 20’ x 20’? Or does the platform form a separate 10’ x 20’ niche before getting to the 20’ x 20’ room? And the 20’ x 20’ room is apparently a 50’ high chamber that is full of 40’ x 20’ x 20’ deep (we know from the diagram?) in uncooked rice? Do we still have access to the room with the iceberg?

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@Zaku your answers are there! Goodluck

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I think RocketGuy’s plan will more or less work. I think my original plan for #1 seemed most likely to work. I’ll probably take along some of this rice, just in case.

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