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Why the hell does my hair hurt?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42444points) January 4th, 2017

Wow. I see someone asked this same Q in 2008.

Obviously my HAIR doesn’t hurt, but it hurts at the roots if I run my hand through my hair or wash it. It’s only in one spot, just to the left of the center line and doesn’t go over the center. It is so weird. If feels like some one has been pulling the crap out of my hair or something.
I started noticing it a couple of months ago.

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Sounds like some sort of scalp condition to me. What does Dr. Google say? :-)

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@Nostromo People used to get all over people for asking questions that could be Googled, but we haven’t done that in years. We prefer the conversation.

Well, actually I went back to the question that was asked in 2008. I often put my hair up in a clippy. It’s loosely clipped, but I suppose that could cause it.
Or does it mean he likes me? Could I be pregnant? If I dream about it, what does it mean?

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My scalp can hurt if I try to change the direction I style my hair if it’s been going the same way for a long time. That’s why I switch the style up almost daily. I move the part etc etc

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Possibly shingles. Have you ever had shingles anywhere on your body? If it’s on your left on your head, it would be on your right below the neck.

Or, could probably be a dozen other things.

If you develop a rash or scabbing of some sort I’d say that increases the likelihood it’s shingles.

I get shingles on my head, but mine mostly itches.

I used to get hair follicle pain very badly on my thighs. I don’t know if it was actually the hair follicle, but the way I perceived it, it was like every hair follicle was a pin.

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My experience has to do with wearing my hair pulled snugly back into a ponytail or it getting pushed in a different direction during sleep.

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I have had shingles. This is not shingles. I’m leaning toward what @MollyMcGuire is thinking. I wear a clippy often, but not snugly.

I just wondered if it meant I was pregnant.

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