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Is it possible to escape this room? (episode 3)

Asked by Ltryptophan (10724points) January 5th, 2017

Somehow, you managed to escape room 2.

You were then sequestered into the next puzzling room.

You are on the ground. The room has four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. The floor is 10×10x10. The ceiling is 100’ up. At 90’ up there is a door flush with the wall with an exit button. At the ground level there is a button on the same wall as the exit door that responds when you touch it by dropping standard white 4×2 lego bricks 1000 at a time, from from a hole in the ceiling. A sign explains you will only be given enough lego bricks to safely reach the door and exit. The last lego brick will be red.

For this challenge you are 5’ tall, with an effective grasping reach of 6’. You weigh 100 pounds. The room is a comfortable temperature with good lighting. “It’s a small world” is playing from a tinny phonograph somewhere on repeat. There’s no food or water, but you can prescribe yourself anything that has no nutritional value.

What do you do? Can you escape? Will you live or starve?

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And now with actual units, please.

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Start building stairs. It’ll be some trial and error but 200 legos high by 73 wide by 97 deep should be a good start. If you start at one corner of the room and go all the way around you should end right at the exit door. Lego dimensions are.96×3.2×1.6 cm for a 4×2 block. If you run out of legos you simply have to back track and make the stairs higher, until you almost can’t climb them, then narrow them if still not enough. You can also make them more shallow. Once you see that red lego you can figure out the exact stair dimensions. You could just bring all the legos down but they’ll be in the way so why not start on the stairs. Just gotta be sure you stagger them so the lego block is a solid mass

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@ARE_you_kidding_me solid stairs might work. But you only get just enough bricks to get you to the door, somehow. How long will it take you to build the wrong stairs that may need to be dismantled?

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Are you asking us to make sure your captive cannot escape?

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If you release all the legos you will know how big you can make the stairs or climbing wall of need be.

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Step 1. Use the ice axe to silence the tinny phonograph once and for all.
Step 2. Use the lego bricks to make stairs.
Step 3. It will take many thousands but we know there are enough because the sign has told us.
Step 4. Order pop tarts and coke as these have no nutritional value.
Step 5. Place the red brick on the top of the lego stairs and stand on it.
Step 6. Reach up and press the exit button.

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@LornaLove you have to try to think of what you would do to escape.

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I would get my first lot of legos, fill alll my pockets with Legos then prescribe myself a 90’ extension ladder. Climb my way out, find the person that writes these puzzles and throw the Legos at them.

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I still have my ice axe…

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Wait. I only weigh 100 lbs. and still have the icepick. I will tap on the wall till I find the beam closest to exit. Follow that beam up while making wholes with my ice pick in the walls and just climb up.
Can I not still just use the pick to go through the wall? If I don’t have a pick than I will be using the phonograph. I’ll Break the record and use it’s sharp edges to cut a circle into the wall and then punch it in with the phonograph. Then I will keep parts of the shards to slice the bastard who put me in those freaken rooms and eat his heart.

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