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What is your favorite internet game?

Asked by SergeantQueen (12834points) January 5th, 2017

I’m looking for new games to play :)
I really like the game NationStates, where you create a nation and every couple hours you get a social issue to answer. How you answer the question can affect education, freedoms, etc. It’s interesting and super fun!

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Pretty much I just play chess online.

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Words with friends and Spider Solitaire sometimes.

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I play Minecraft. We have the Windows 10 Beta, which is basically Minecraft Pocket Edition on the desktop. Got it for like $5 when Win 10 first released.

They just added The End to it, so Ian and I started a new Survival run, and we’re going to try to play through to defeat the Ender Dragon without using any Creative Mode or any cheats. It’s proving to be a challenge already, because apparently PE is buggy right now and the villagers aren’t breeding and it’s making me sad that my village is running out of residents. I’m tempted to log into Creative and spawn some but then I’ll lose any hope of achievements.

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