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Where is the best place to buy replacement car tires?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) January 5th, 2017

My son ran over something that trashed the inside sidewall of his front tire which means it is irreparable and time for a new tire. All the tires are 80% worn which means it’s time for 4 new tires. Here is the conundrum. Tires need to be rotated and many tire dealers offer free rotations which is crucial to longevity of tires and what my son is looking for.

He goes to school 250 miles away from home…travels to and fro and is in many places at many times and he is looking for the best tire dealer with quality tires first and foremost that has the most AND the best service locations that will honor the free rotations again depending on where he will be. We are talking a large late model sedan that he intends to drive the next 20 years or forever as he loves this car.

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Tire rotation should be the least of his concerns. How many miles a year does he drive? I do about 10,000 per year. I get an annual oil change with synthetic oil, and tire rotation is thrown in as part of the general checkup and servicing at that time. Finding a tire retailer who offers “free tire rotation” is like finding one that offers “free air”; it ain’ no thang.

I would recommend the best quality-for-the-money deal that you can make at any reputable retailer – or even his regular mechanic – who will charge a markup, obviously, but who will remember him, too, as a favored customer. And being a “favored customer of a good, honest mechanic” is worth a lot in its own right.

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@CWOTUS My son is a full on mechanic capable of everything but stopping a tire from wearing down. He is in school and drives all over the place and suffered this flat in the comfort of my garage after driving 300 miles over the weekend. My question is primarily about where can he go get new good quality tires with good warrantee that offer free rotation and service if need be from anywhere in the Chicago to Green Bay Midwest or beyond. He puts on 10,000+ miles a year so free convenient rotations weigh heavily on this decision.

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Well, I tend to go to Discount Tire, which is a nationwide chain that exists around Chicago, and there are a couple near Green Bay . They do have warranties which they honor including free rotations, and I’ve never had a problem with them. Though I’m on the West Coast, and when I was in Chicago, it seemed that customer service at many places seemed often atrocious (I didn’t have a car).

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I have been going to Big O tires for the last 25 years. They are in 20 states, and affiliated with Tire Kingdom and Merchants Tires, and NTB in the other states.

They carry a large range of brands and levels of tires, cost competitive, and carry all your records. Will rotate for free, fill your tires with nitrogen. They do routine maintenance like brakes too.

Some people swear by tires from Costco, but I have never used them.

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I get mine at Costco. Lifetime warranty, lifetime rotation and balancing, and inflation with nitrogen (green cap).

They often have coupons for “buy 3, get 1 free.”

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If you were local, I’d say Pep Boys. Not sure if they have those in Chicago. They have pretty cheap tires.

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He settled on Firestone as they do honor the free rotation at any Firestone location. He also had previously invested in a lifetime free alignment and the salesman at Firestone noted that he had this and said they will check the alignment while they had the car and also offered an additional $5.00 off each tire as they have him listed as a preferred customer. Smart kid!

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Firestone or their owner Tires Plus. They have stores all over the county and you can go to either for service.

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Yep… @MollyMcGuire! He is a happy camper with his choice of Firestone!

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I have Firestones on my blazer. I was reluctant to buy them after the issues that the brand had several years ago, but they’ve been fine. I would say good choice….

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