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If Obama is so popular, then why isn't he blowing McCain away in the polls?

Asked by jcs007 (1773points) August 7th, 2008

I’m guessing that it has something to do with the media, but maybe there’s a better explanation?

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Who said he is popular. Sure a lot of talk but there is a lot of talking about the temp outside also. He is a very good speaker but I don’t think he is qualified, yet.

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it’s a conspiracy…... ~

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Because he’s too new to be able to gain any knowledge to lead anything, people are undecided and cautious because of his history or lack thereoff.

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I don’t think he’s necessarily much more popular, I think democrats are just louder.

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because voters are still undecided on either candidate. obama is popular, but there is some hesitancy due to the nature of who could quite possibly lead in the oval office in january. McCain was a surprise candidate even to himself. america thought sure the playing field would host two other candidates and it was neither obama nor mcCain. it’s basically a tie and anybody’s to win and, in my opinion, that is a true political race. it is by no means lopsided. voters will have to actually do their homework this election.

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please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t follow as I should. But is McCain for oil drilling and the war to continue? And Obama is for the change of those two things?

From the hearsay people seem to say things about McCain that make him seem Bush like. Please somone enlighten me.

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@willb…yep, that’s about right! So, Obama for me :)

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I think all bets are off. After all, we are talking about the voting public that (twice) decided the genius behind this gem should run the country:
There’s an old saying in Tennessee—I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee—that says, fool me once, shame on—shame on you. Fool me—you can’t get fooled again.

Seriously, anything’s possible!

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Because there are a lot of idiots in this country.

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I would say that he’s doing a decent job of disillusioning his base with his recent “refinements” in his positions. Ever since becoming the nominee, he’s been playing “red light, green light” to try to get to the center.

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It’s really rare in any presidential election for either candidate to tally overpower the other in terms of the polls. It’s normally a pretty close split down the middle, this isn’t unexpected at all.

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It’s not that complicated of a question, jcs:
A) the polls are wrong or
B) he’s exactly as popular as the polls say he is, no more no less…

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I hate to say this, but did anyone consider that its because hes black? I am not racist and will vote for obama, but lets face it, there are a loooot of people who can not get over this.

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I think if he was an energetic, intelligent, charismatic, idealistic, young WHITE man things would be different. All the descriptions like inexperienced and elitist are just code words. The big one-inexperienced-is laughable. Saint Reagan was an actor for 30 years and governor for 8 years-how did that prepare him for the presidency? No President in the last 30 years served in Congress at all and one of the most experienced presidents in the last 40 years was Nixon.

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