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My four year old male cat is spayed, yet he loves to "hump" my scarf. How can that be?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) August 7th, 2008

Technically, it USED to be my scarf (“yuuch!”). But how can this be? Can he be getting an orgasm? I thought this wouldn’t happen because he’s spayed. My female cat never did anything like it. What’s going on? How can I get him to stop?

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You won’t be able to stop it – just put it somewhere out of the public eye and let him have his fun. This behavior is more common in dogs than in cats, but even neutered animals can still have some form of sex drive. And many times, there is a dominance component and sometimes even a comfort component (it makes him feel safe and secure). There is usually no ejaculate of any sort, it just feels good.

Just shrug it off and be happy that he’s transferred his amorous affections to one of your belongings and not to you.

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Your male cat is spayed???

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I take it that’s the wrong term?

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Spay = removal of ovaries and uterus. Most males don’t have such organs.

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Both of my cats do this with fuzzy microfibery things. They purr really loudly whilst getting their rocks off, and knead. One of them loves to bite said object while he humps.

So, basically, pervy cats.

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Thanks. So what’s the right term?

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Neutered Oww

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Dare I ask. Is “neutered” strictly used for males?

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I believe so. Spayed is female-specific, Neutered is male-specific.

Or you could just say “fixed.”

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Actually, neutered refers to both genders (neuter meaning “no gender”). Spayed is the term for females that have had an ovariohysterectomy and castrated refers to males that had their testicles removed. Some people (men?) are uncomfortable with the term castrated and so “neutered” has become synonymous with castration.

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Could you post some naked pictures of said scarf? It sounds sexy.

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I read a bunny care website once that insisted on the term “altered” which I feel like was overly PC, but whatever. My family used to have an “altered” dog that humped my dad’s leg everyday. You should consider yourself lucky.

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I have a male and female cat, unrelated and both neutered. I am wondering whether I will walk in one day and interrupt an amorous sessions between my two cats. So far, they don’t seem to have any interest in each other.

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I have a male and female cat, not related. Both are neutered. Will I walk in one day to find them both in a passionate situation?

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Only if you hear Frank Sinatra playing on the CD player.

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