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What is the synonym for the computer terminology blank cell?

Asked by flo (10304points) January 6th, 2017

As asked.

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(Null) was what I thought.

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I don’t think “blank cell” is a generic computer term, as far as I know. All it means to me is in the context of computer spreadsheets, such as OpenOffice Calc, LibreOffice Calc, or Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets are grids of content divided up into boxes called cells, and blank cell is just one of those boxes with nothing in it.

So a synonym could be “empty box” or “spreadshieet field with nothing in it”.

I guess it can also refer to an empty grid square in a table in some other type of software, such as an HTML table.

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I have no idea why you are even asking this.

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Empty cell.

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Empty mailbox slot.

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As @Zaku notes, it’s no kind of generic “computer” terminology, but it can be “spreadsheet” terminology. Spreadsheets generally operate on “cell entries”, where each gridded location is given a cell address, and a cell with no typed or formula-derived content is referred to as an empty cell or null.

Excel’s own functions contain =ISBLANK( cell address) and =ISNA( cell address) and if I recall correctly, one of the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) functions is also =ISEMPTY( cell address or range).

As others have said, this is a question that cries out for detail. No one can read your mind.

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Thanks, I didn’t think there would be but someone was giving instructions and I think they must have been going back and forth, language-wise.

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(In that case, making an educated guess:) They might just have meant an empty field for entering data, then, such as a box on a UI for entering a name or address.

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Thanks everyone.

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