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How do we get mathematicians more interested in neuroscience?

Asked by EternalChild (7points) January 7th, 2017

Computational neuroscience is a field in its infancy in many respects. How can we create more interest (and even enthusiasm) among mathematicians with amazing abilities to account for information with numbers.

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By showing them why they should be interested.

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If there are interesting mathematical problems arising from neuroscience there will be mathematicians available to solve them. Mathematicians like good problems, and if they are related to neuroscience so much the better. For us layman, could you give an idea of the types of neuroscience problems that a mathematician might tackle?

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Post examples of what is needed where a high caliber mathematician is likely to see them. If it is challenging, they will pursue more.

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Mathematicians can be nerdly and not people persons. They prefer equations.

(Sure that’s a stereotype, but that’s how they are frequently portrayed in the media, and some mathematicians of my acquaintance fit the stereotype.)

But, @EternalChild, do you really mean statisticians and demographers? Or maybe even epidemiologists?

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Offer money, an interesting mathematical problem, and the potential for good publications.

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Make YouTube videos on it. I watched one just now. Thanks for the suggestion.

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An interetesting problem could be: propose a mathematic model for mental spaces.

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Make computational neuroscience books cheaper. Most of the books in Amazon are $50 to $250.

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