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Would you please get out of my house?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7807points) August 7th, 2008

how do you tactfully say or demonstrate it to those who just refuse to leave? OR you’re a property owner but tenants refuse to pay…. hmmmm…

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I was in those shoes one time. I just said, “hey, you guys can’t live here anymore cuz your killin me”. I’m sure they talk shit about me now but hey, they left.

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@randy: i’m right there bro. right there.

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If you are a property owner, at some point you would have to start the eviction process (which I hear is a pain in the butt).

Otherwise, I’d be less hospitable. If you’ve been accommodating them in any way – meals with foods they like, letting them borrow the car, whatever – stop. If that doesn’t work, say something like that you’ve really enjoyed your time together, but really feel that you need some time alone now, but if they wish to stay in the area you’ve located some nice motels nearby.

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You can either walk out on your own two feet or be dragged out and humiliated when i call the cops! And if there not paying that its simple, just tell them money in 2days and on time every week/month from now on or one late payment and your out! Done :)

Remember its your place, you own it!

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Be straight forward with no room for misunderstanding . You don’t have to be rude. Be firm. Tell them they need to find otherliving arrangements by a certain date. Make sure that you follow through , and see that they leave by that date. If that fails.. Go the legal route and evict them.

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How did you know I was in your house?!!

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serve them a notice of default by certified mail, and then you should be able to get a court order in 10 days after that….I’d just change the locks, but that is just me…

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