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Why do some people believe the earth is flat?

Asked by Berserker (33509points) January 7th, 2017

I certainly don’t think the government is your friend and there’s probably tons of stuff they don’t tell us. I try to keep an open mind, and quesrion stuff. But this whole flat earth thing is just bizarre.

In short, there are flat earth societies who believe that we are being lied to by NASA and science.
●The earth is a disk surrounded by a wall of ice.
●Gravity does not exist, and the earth is not in motion.
●Science is not as advanced as we think. (there are no satellites, no space exploration)
●Cameras and telescopes are rigged so we see everything as round. (as in, horizon lines)
●The sun and moon aren’t as far away from us as is commonly believed.

Well, the list goes on. The big problem I have with this is that they can never prove any of this. If there is a wall of ice, it means someone has seen it. Why are there no photos of it? If these people are bold enough to create a society and post a bunch of videos on YouTube with irrefutable proof, then post the damn wall. And how would they just know all this? I understand it to be a theory, and I myself have no way of knowing if what NASA says about the earth being round is true, but so far what science offers is still a lot more substantial than any flat earth stuff. (who also often spend a lot of time insulting general science, not very pragmatic yo)

As well, if science isn’t that advanced, then how the hell did NASA ever manage to rig every telescope and camera to make us see something false?

They never explain anything as far as I can see, they just say that’s that and expect folks to believe it. Granted, I’ve not made exhaustive research on this.

But what’s the point of this? Why would we be lied to about the earth and space? What do “elites” even gain from this? And who ARE these elites?
There is a fine line between free thinking and just being ridiculous. Making stuff up just to be a black sheep doesn’t make one a free thinker. Videos showing a map of Norway with a bunch of numbers leading to Sweden isn’t much proof to me, especially not when using rules belonging to the very science they’re trying to refute.

Why is this a thing? Anyone on Fluther believe in the flat earth theory? If so, why do you believe this?

What am I missing? Again, I don’t trust the government but this just seems like total science fiction.

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Because the Bible told them so? Your details make it sound like these people are everywhere, ready to break your door in, hold you down and torture you until you agree with their views. They’re not, trust me. They are an anomaly who feel safer expressing themselves on the net more than anywhere else. Just ignore them.

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Ha yeah, perhaps my details are wrongly labeling them, but this was not my intention. They’re not anything like terrorists or Jehova’s Witnesses, far from it.

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It’s about the monetized ads on their youtube accounts. Many don’t believe it. It never ceases to amaze me how many gullible people there are out there.

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We’ve become such a divided and subdivided society that people tend to reinforce their beliefs by talking only to like-minded people. Objective facts don’t seem to matter much anymore. It’s partly what got Trump elected.

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Because they are retarded.

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Religion. Some people believe that the Bible is infallible, and therefore since the ages of the people only add up to 6500 (or so) then the earth cannot be any older than that.

This same crowd is stuck in the 1300s, despite Columbus and explorers and the last 700 years of scientific proof.

Look, there’s no defending this sort of thing.

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Because they are and can only think 2 dimensionally.

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Because the same folks think a brilliant linguist makes a super star economist. To each their own.

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I expect they haven’t flown around very much. Or read very much. Or, er, probably have multiple malfunctions.

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Some people are just very sceptical of authority and believe only what they can directly experience themselves. They rely on their own senses to understand the world about them and the world looks flat. If you present them with evidence that the world is round they will say the evidence is biased and present their own evidence that says it is flat. It is a kind of game. I defy you to convince me they say even when they don’t really believe it themselves.

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I’m pretty sure it’s a couple of morons who had some sort of brain malfunction and hordes of trolls who took a chance with this. It’s not as big as it seems.

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@elbanditoroso In their defense, they don’t seem very religious. However, I have seen The Bible mentioned a few times.

@Zaku Well, that’s the thing. If the earth is flat, it shouldn’t be very hard to prove, no?

@ARE_you_kidding_me Haha aye, perhaps I am gullible myself, for believing that some people actually believe this.

@flutherther Idon’t understand your last sentence. But yeah, about your other points. Sometimes it just seems to me that conspiracy theorists are adults playing. While I certainly understand that we shouldn’t always trust authority, I am not, for example, going to convince myself that my other question about the green flashing sky was a scentific experiment done on people by NASA, on the sole account that I didn’t know what it was and therefore could be anything I felt it to be. Gotta search and learn before saying shit. Or at least try.

Although I suppose that with such reasoning, I can’t say the earth is a globe either, as I’ve never been in space to check it out.

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One doesn’t have to take NASA or the government’s word that the Earth is round. Ancient seafarers deduced that shit thousands of years ago.

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It’s the same people who believe the holocaust never happened.

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Because logic dictates that if it were, round say, you would fall off once you got too far around the ball. It has to be flat in order for things to stay on it.

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They also believe Elvis was the Messiah reborn in an oversized, sequened catsuit & that aliens walk among us unseen & sneaky like a sneaky hidden type thingy.
These people smell of onions & spray bits of snot when they laugh, avoid like a lumpy faced leper.

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Wow..There are still people left who believe earth is flat? Let them be ignorant. It didn’t matter back then and won’t matter at all now.

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This video does a good job explaning why they think that way. Basically, in the early 20th century, a rather neurotic man claimed that the earth was flat, and he tried his best to ingrain that belief into everyone’s mind by teaching kids around his area. The “earth was flat” thing actually came from that man, not from the Bible or ancient belife not to dismiss their roles, but the influence came from the man.

But if you put it in perspective, there are actually good evidence to support the flat Earth theory I don’t remember much. You can watch the video for more. Sure, there are rebels against science and morons who want to be hippies, but true flat Earth believers have their good reasoning.

I actually felt a bit respectful to the flat Earth believers after watching the video.

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Any adult who believes the earth is flat who didn’t grow up in the woods like Tarzan or on The Blue Lagoon with Brooke Shields isn’t worth waisting your time on. I mean really, it’s ridiculous.

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@JLeslie What about the peoples who lived thousands of years before Tarzan, Brooke Shields, Donald Trump, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Clause, Satan, the Easter Bunny, Zeus and Ronald McDonald?? Back then all they had to believe in was a flat world….is that really so wrong of them? Mythology is a curious beast.

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Here is the home page of the Flat Earth Society I looked at the Why a Flat Earth? section. It reminded me of the confusion I had as a child with understanding gravity. Like the flat earthers, I thought there was an absolute up direction and an absolute down direction, so that something at a location other than the North Pole would fall off the Earth. Reading the stuff now seems pretty funny.

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@Cruiser I mean now. Anyone alive now who went through 8th grade has no excuse.

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Argument Three – The impossibilities of holding unsecured objects in place on a curved surface

“Picture in your mind a round world. Now imagine that there are two people on this world, one at each pole. For the person at the top of the world, (the North Pole), gravity is pulling him down, towards the South Pole. But for the person at the South Pole, shouldn’t gravity pull him down as well? What keeps our person at the South Pole from falling completely off the face of the ‘globe’?”

Wow. Where do I sign up.

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We knew the earth was round in 240 BC my friend. Columbus knew this too. He wasn’t setting out to prove the earth was round he was trying to find a shortcut to the silk road. NO NASA, NO PHOTOS AND NO CONSPIRACIES!

The earth is an oblate ellipsoid.

Eratosthenes(276 BC–194 BC) was a Greek scholar, scientist who around 240 BC set out to try and find the circumference of the Earth. He first had to assume the Earth was a sphere. He had heard that during the day of the summer solstice the sun at midday was casting no shadow in a well in the town of Syene but he observed the sun was casting a slight shadow in Alexandria. They used the standard measurement tool for distance called a stadion. Which was taken to be 185 meters or 1/10 of a mile. He had someone walk from Alexandria to Syene to measure the distance which was 5000 stadia. About 925 kilometers. He knew certain facts and made some brilliant deductions to come up with a distance of 25,000 miles!. The actual circumference is 24,901 miles!

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